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How To Store Food
stock up on can goods and none persiables.Also change money into gold or silver.Paper money might not be in the future supply.

Why Did God Take My Man
Accept my sympathy sorry to hear about your
lost. Sister dear,almighty God knows the plans he has for You. Just hold and keep on trusting God as he knows the plans he has for
you My prayer is that almighty God gives sorrows, hope for tommor and strength for everything you are going through.
Give God the Glory you been loved and love
Your man died knowing that he been truly loved by his soulmate. PRAISE TO JEHOVAH-JIREH.

What Are You Thankful For
I am soooo thankful for my daughter that God gave me back my daughter in taking her out of the drug world she was in and i thank God every day for her. Thank you God.

How To Become Near To God
Babeth, Simply pray " God I want to be near you. Pls show me the things that are keeping me away from you. Talk to me and draw me nearer to you". And read the Bible and see how He will answer you. Find a Godly person to share your feelings with and who will pray for & with you as you find your way to the Lord. You are blessed!I am so excited to hear your results.

Husband And I Having Affairs
Sabby,I agree with the others. U need to confess to your husband. Wives must submit to their husbands. We made a vow at the altar. I just read an article on "Enticement of the forbidden" written by Judy Starr who was a christian worker when she had the same experience as yours. She confessed and is still serving the Lord and better. Find the book and a personal study guide at yr nearest bookstore or purchase online at

Read The Purpose Driven Life
I would say PDL is the essence of the whole Bible. It is all about God, revealed to us through Rick Warren in simple everyday English. I would like to advise Pek and everyone who haven't read it to pls do it in a spirit of really wanting to know what God wants to say to you through this extraordinary book that changed lives all over the world.

Doubts About The Grace of God
If you are thinking about Grace, then you are in His grace for sure. But if you are in doubt, it is evident that you are in it and satan is mad and attacking your faith in God and His Grace. My advise is to learn to know Jesus better by reading the Bible talking to Him, think about His love. make no room for satan & his lies to enter your thoughts. Because that is the only job satan has to do-to make you believe in His lies about God.

Rights For People With Disability
I share your sentiments. I would like to encourage you to understand as the scripture says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. people need to understand that disability is not by choice it could happen to anyone. so we all must learn to treat each other with respect and leaders must put the right structures in place to facilitate their movement.

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