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Church Today In Apostasy
The church agenda are you referring to? There are so many different flavors of churches out there. What types of churches or denominations do you view in the wrong? Which do you view in the right?

Obedient To An Angry Husband
Honestly, it sounds like your husband is stressed out. It may not have a whole lot to do with you even. A lot of people have bosses and co-workers who are a nightmare to work with or who have completely unrealistic expectations. Your husband may be a perfectly loving person in the absence of all this added stress. I don't know, of course, but it's a possibility. If businesses valued family and church as much as they value money, we would have a lot fewer problems like this in our society.

Willful Sinners Go To Hell
James L, I completely agree with everlasting fire but was wondering why you disagreed with spiritual death. What do you think 'dead in trespasses and sin" mean? They are physcially alive, yet dead. What are they dead of? The people who are lost have a body and a soul, are you saying that the soul dies?

Fellowship Of His Sufferings
Kath, I do not remember anon casting out demons as you accused her earliar. You have made terrible comments towards her only because she told you not to use CAPS. That was all. Then you said to her, SNAKES/false teachers can present exactly the way YOU like, and you don't even know the difference. You're loving it!"
I bet you don't grasp how evil you are.

Must Gospel Be Preached To All
francis, have you been born again of the Spirit? I see you are still under the law. What convicts you, do, for if you believe in staying under the law, it is your right. You don't want to go against conscience. No one should try to push you or convince you otherwise. Stick to your conscience.

Is The Internet Of The Lord
Steven, are you really saying that today's Christians can do greater miracles then Jesus? Can salvation come from Christians? Is that not the greatest miracle that Jesus can do that others cannot? Have you seen Christians restored limps? Can Christians walk through walls? Can Christians come and go from heaven back to earth? What says thou?

Explain 1 Thessalonians 4:13
Lea, please don't be judgmental. There is enough of that going on already. Discussing Scripture with other brothers and sisters should be encouraged. Some can learn from others.
I see too much throwing of dirt at each other already. If you have something that can edify someone use it. Help everyone

Living In The Last Days
We have been in the last days for a long time now. When you hear the trumpets sounding, get really ready. The Lord is Coming. Just not on May 21,2011.

How To Know You Are Saved
I know I'm saved because I have a true love for Christ Jesus my Savior.

The Truth Will Set You Free
Rob, to answer you, as you can see not many have been set free from sin who are answering. The evidence is all around on the commands they make. They are more interested in condemning someone then to hear the real truth of the Bible. They are in bondage to Satan, and are doing the desires of their father.

When Was Man Was Created
Warwick, I also think you are correct on what a day means in Genesis. Also, a good and honest reader will not speculate and add to the Bible what is not there and say there could have been people before Adam. It's just not there. The carnal mind has many ideas. If there was people before Adam, God would have told us if it was important for us to know. And He didn't. One reason Cluny does not agree is because their religion does not believe on Bible only, and have added to Scripture what is not there. very convenient for them.

What Is The Grace Of God
Kathr, you did condemn the Elect to hell. You said they were heading to hell. Now you say you are one of the Elect because you are a Jew, indicating Jews go to heaven but Gentiles go to hell. You have no truth in you. You are one confused Jew.

What Is The Grace Of God
Kathr, I find you a very confused person when you first argue, the Elect are going to hell, now you tell everyone you are one of the Elect because you are a Jew. Who can understand a confused person?

Explain Ephesians 1:6
Craig, your answer that Israel hardened their hearts is just not good enough since they were never saved. If they had, they would have believed by faith as very few of them did. The Spirit did not testify of Christ to them. And they were millions of them. If the Spirit had testified of Christ, they would have believed in the coming Lord by faith. That is why they refused.

Explain Ephesians 1:6
Craig, you mentioned that the Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus Christ and then we believe in Him. So my question now is what happens if the Holy Spirit does not testify the person of Jesus Christ? doesn't that say that without that testimony the person will remain the same? Lost? I hear you say the truth, but I see you don't believe what you know is truth for some reason, that is why I was wondering and asked you.

Explain Ephesians 1:6
Craig, I also would like for everyone to be saved. The reason we give the good news. But you are expecting the person to change himself. How can he change himself? Doesn't God have to make him willing? Give him faith to believe, and convict his heart so that he can turn to Christ for forgiveness and repentance? Can you explain how he is able to do that without a changed heart? please do not get mad at me for asking. I just wonder what your thoughts are.

Explain Ephesians 1:6
Craig, if you speak for God why are you oppose to God saving whom He wills? Something inside of you influences you to deny God that right to choose, because it's written in Scripture. Do you not realize all protestant church's came from work believes? Here is another point to be made, just about everyone of you who argue against God choosing, get very angry and say many terrible words to others. The evidence of rebirth is hardly seen. Kathr even sounds evil. Whatever influences most of you to argue, is in control of the emotions which shows by the words that come out of the mouth. They are very bad.

Explain Ephesians 1:6
Craig, can you give a reason why you oppose for God to save anyone He so wants to save? Why is it such a terrible thing to you? You fight each day against His sovereign will, ability and omnipotent power. And you know He will's those because you have read it in Scripture, why do you disapprove? Why is it so important to be against Scripture?

Here is who we were before God made us alive,
"in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience among whom also we all once conducted ourselves"
You say it is not true, you did not give God permission.

Authority To Change God's Law
Jerry, your question is loaded with Seventh Day Adventist false teachings of the Sabbath that many have answered already. Do you not have a better question to ask?

Do You Feel The Holy Spirit
I feel the Holy Spirit every day but some times I just do not follow the Spirit and do what is in my flesh. Instead of studying every time I have a chance, I do other things. When I'm at church some times praying, I wonder off and my prayer is not so serious as it should be every time I pray. The Spirit convicts me and I get serious. The Spirit continues to change my attitude.

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