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Is Christianity A Myth
I have never heard that Christianity is based on mythology. I am sure many who do not like Christians will say many things against us. You will always find websites who oppose the Church.
The first time the word Christian was used was at Antioch, found in (Acts 11:26) The church members who are saved, are followers of Christ, they are called Christians, Christ followers.

Sin Adam Committed
Bryan, nowhere are we told Adam did not believe God. It was Eve who was deceived by the serpent not Adam. He just ate from the fruit that Eve gave him. Adam blamed God for giving him Eve when God asked him if he had eaten from the tree He commanded him not to eat. His response was,
"The woman who You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree and I ate" (Gen. 3:11,12) Eve on the other hand blamed the serpent for deceiving her (v.3:13). But at no time did Adam not believe God that is the reason why he is to blame and cursed together with all his descendants, for total disobedience.

Why Did God Create People
Rita, you do not anger me one bit, so don't even worry about what Elder says. I want to say that the Scripture writers always mention many times what God wants from us, but what He wants and what He ordained and wills to do are two different things. You see, He wants no one to sin, but everyone sins. He wants for everyone to love everybody but that is not happening. So what He wants and what people do are two different things. But what He ordained before the foundation of the world is going to happen, whether anyone likes it or not. It is done. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He knows the beginning and the end of all things. After all it is His plan that is coming to pass.

Quadriplegic Wants To Die
Elder, you gossip instead of answering my questions. I suppose you believe that God loved all those He had slaughtered women, children and babies for the simple reason He was going to give the land to the Israelites as He promised (Deut. 20:16,17) was that true love? Now answer this,
"We love Him because He first loved us"
we know millions of people do not love Him. If He loves everyone the same, why do millions hate Him? I will tell you, because the "We" and the "us" in that passage is speaking of believers.
God loves His children, we are never told He loves the children of the devil, in fact we are told He is sending them to hell. Gossip opens the door to sin.

Version Of The Bible
Rita, you did not do anything wrong. You are correct, you were speaking of a software, not a soft Bible. It makes a big difference when someone misquotes you. That has happened to me so many times, I have to respond that I never said such things. It changes the whole message you are trying to convey. I believe when people do that, they are trying to some how slander you in front of the world who get on line.
Sometimes people do make mistakes and misquote you, but normally they apologize when they see their error.
Some who answer, answer with terrible words against you, that they could not possibly be saved. We know that the gospel Truth makes many enemies, it penetrates the heart.

Are Some Sports Unchristian
Rita, you are correct about many sports. There is just too much violence by the players and even more by what the sport does to the fans. I remember in my past when football was on my mind all the time. I knew what college players were doing, and which ones were going to the pros. I lived and breath the game. It was one of my idols. After God save me, the game was not that important anymore. I lost the love for many things I worshipped. God was now on the throne of my life.
How wrong I was when I was lost. In South America, some people commit suicide when the soccer team loses.
So you are correct in what you say. Blessings and peace.

Name Of Testimony Meeting
Rita, thank you for answering. If the gospel is given when they give their testimony, then it is a different matter. I have heard hundreds of testimonies and at no time was the gospel given. Only what God did for them and how He rescued them when they were on drugs or lost their families.
Something else, the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing. In fact because of the gospel many might even stone the believer for giving it. It brings hate and suffering. Yet, it is the power of God to those who are being saved, those who believe already born of the Spirit. And of course no one knows who they are until you hear their commitment. I gave my opinion on the testimonies, so maybe where you are at it is different. Thanks and blessings.

Mercy At Time Of Death
Elder, you are now threating me for giving the Truth. Are you controlling the website? Are your calling them every time someone disagrees with you because they know you? Are you saying I have to submit to your false doctrines or else? That man while lost, under the curse, heading to hell, condemned already can of himself remove himself by saying a few words?
I have been as kind as anyone can be to most of you who slander others. You even try to insult me when you mentioned my wife. I didn't see them remove you. I know from Scripture what Paul went through. People stoned him, put him in prison, he suffered for the gospel, so go ahead and stone me. I will be faithful to the Truth of the gospel no matter what threads you use.

Boycotting Of Israeli Products
Elder, you now say,
"The purpose is that they might learn some truth and turn away from their error.
To believe like these two do questions their salvation."

So as Christians if we do not submit to the free will doctrine, we are going to be removed. Sort of like what the RCC did to the reformers. And add, to believe like we do questions our salvation. How can you possibly know who is saved or not? You are not God. Are atheist, Jehovah witnesses, or Mormons being removed because they do not believe as you do? What is true is that those who teach free will, are the ones who throw stones and complain and want us removed. The Truth of the gospel will always cause others to threaten us. Read what Paul went through.

Sin Adam Committed
Elder, Jesus sets you free from the bondage of sin but you become a slave to God. So at no time is a person free.
And please don't ask me any questions anymore. Every time I answer you, you threaten to remove me from the website, just as the Church was trying to remove Luther. I rather not answer you again. But I will never conform to your doctrines. I stand as Luther did, when he said,
-I consider myself convicted by the testimony of Holy Scripture, which is my basis, my conscience is captive to the Word of God. Thus I cannot and will not recant, because acting against ones conscience is neither safe nor sound. God help me. Amen. Martin Luther 1521"

Quadriplegic Wants To Die
God loves what He created. It was very good. Exactly as He wanted it to be. Everything was in the plan of God, and that He will to have. Nothing relating to future is in anywise uncertain so far as the actualization of God's counsels are concerned. None of His decrees are left contingent either on creatures or secondary causes. There is no future event which is only a mere possibility, that is, something which may or may not come to pass:
"Known unto God are all His works from the beginning" (Acts 15:18).
For "He does according to His will in the army of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth: none can stay His hand" (Dan. 4:35).
Hope no one kicks me out for the Truth of the Gospel.

Who Can Baptise Others
Michel e, the Holy Spirit spiritually baptizes all believers. When God draws a sinner to Himself, He makes him spiritually alive, at that moment the Spirit spiritually baptizes you into Christ, He then spiritually indwells the believer, and spiritually seals him with the Spirit for assurance. All spiritual acts of God. Once the person acknowledges his faith in Christ, he is commanded to be water baptize. That's a physical act by the believer under the New Covenant.
Scripture says,
"But God who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ" It means that at the moment God made us alive, He spiritually united us to Christ.

Why Did God Create People
Bryan, the parable you are gave is not speaking about making choices. Jesus explained the parable to the disciples, it is the parable of the Wheat and the tares, the answer is in (Matt. 13:37-43).
" He answered and said to them,
He who sows the good seed is the Son of Man. The field is the world, the good seeds are the sons of the kingdom, but the tares are the sons of the wicked one. The enemy who sows them is the devil, the harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are the angels. Therefore as the tares are gathered and burned in the fire, so it will be at the end of the age...."
Jesus plants the sons of the kingdom on earth. The enemy plants the tares, and at the end of the age, the angels will burn the tares.

Christ's Resurrection
Samuel, here you say,
"The Fourth Commandment reminds people that GOD set apart the Sabbath at creation. So I believe GOD though Moses knows more then we do." You are correct, but it is not a law anymore because, the Ten commandments of God were given by God to Israel after He rescued them from Egypt and they had made a commitment to serve the Lord (Ex. 19:8). The law was never given as a means of Justification. Paul teaches that no one can earn righteous standing before God by the works of the Law (Gal. 3:11,12,21,22). The Law condemns those under it because they cannot keep it perfect, break one, you have broken them all. The Sabbath is no longer a law to those who are in Christ.

Why Did God Create People
Love, no one knows why God created human beings that would be going to hell. Everyone can speculate why He did it. But we know He did. We know He put the curse. We know that because of one man Adam, all his descendants are condemned and heading to hell with the exception of Jesus Christ. Why because of one man? No one knows, but what we know is that God never makes mistakes. The Bible also says, "we love Him because He first loved us". Which is pretty simple, those who do not love God were never loved by God, because if they had being loved by God, they would love Him. The Bible also tells us,
"They stumble being disobedient to the Word to which "they also were appointed" (1 Peter 2:8).

Did The Devil Make Me Do It
Cluny, what you are saying is that all in the orthodox church are perfect and never sin, is that correct? Because a person needs to be perfect otherwise he has a nature that sins. Your church members and you must be perfect and without sin. Which is shear nonsense.
"For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23). Why do they fall short of the glory of God? Because they are sinful. It is not a protestant concept, it is a Bible concept. You keep following your traditions believing your teachers are sinless. But you are wrong.
All human beings, before God saved them, lived in the passions of their flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath (Eph. 2:3)

Are Some Sports Unchristian
Rita, I also believe that Cluny is correct on this one. You cannot surprise God, no one can. But I understand why you said what you did. Many use religious language when trying to make a point. I know what your point was. If we looked at God as one of us, He would be very disappointed in what is happening. But He is God who knows all things. Sometimes we forget because the Bible speaks of God as if He was a man many times in order to convey something to us, that we could understand. So the Bible uses many words as if God was a man, like, He has eyes, and hands, like humans. But in reality He has no hands, He is Spirit. But I understood why you said what you did, I believe you had the right intention.

Boycotting Of Israeli Products
Marc, for your information, and maybe so that you can learn something new, let me explain to you this point.
Only those with faith in Christ are saved, They are saved by God's grace through faith. Millions upon millions of Israelites have died already in their sins. And after death there is no second chances. So not all Israel will be saved. To this day, Israel is still lost as a nation. All will never be saved unless each individual is saved by God grace through faith in Jesus Christ. There is only one way. When you speak about Israel, you better explain which Israel your are talking about, the past one, todays, or the futures.

Mercy At Time Of Death
Elder, I mentioned on the testimony blog it was not good for those in Christ to give their testimonies because people like you like to use testimonies they give to slander you.
You say what my mom did and what my sister did was proof of free will. Wrong again. God tells us about the lost, "There is none who understands, there is none who seek after God" My sister was lost, she was going to reject the Truth. My mom said yes, because only those born of God have faith. Only believers in Christ respond to the words of Christ, His sheep. But you just don't understand. Maybe you were appointed for that (1 Peter 2:8) tells us
"They stumble, being disobedient to the
Word, to which they also were appointed"

Loving To All On Blogs
Faith, I totally agree with your last post. You are correct, but you are correct because the Bible tells us all those things, otherwise you would not know. What we know now and what will be revealed to us comes from the Word of God. But after a person knows those things, we need to continue studying the Word, because at no time do we know it all. God reveals things to us a little at a time. But I agree on what you said. And prayer is very important for the believer, we are told in the Bible to pray without ceasing. In the Spirit on all things.

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