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Jehovah Or JHWH For God
GOD the Father's Name is YAHUVEH. The Son, who came in His Father's Name, is YAHUSHUA (a/k/a Jesus Christ). Both Father and Son have the Holy Name of "YAH" in it. YAHUSHUA means "YAH Saves", and that's what YAH (GOD) did through YAHUSHUA. --Gordon

Exactly! Finally, somebody on this blog site knows the truth!

Jehovah Or JHWH For God
Elohim's name was ceased to be spoken due to the rabbincal decree that it should not be spoken. This practice was carried on by the christians, however it was not YHWH plan. (Ex 9:16, Ps 22:22)

In order not to speak the Elohim's name, it was replaced with Adonai, the vowels were suppose to be the same vowels in YHWH. (the i is not considered a vowel sound in hebrew). This was translated as LORD in English in English bibles.

Another interesting fact is that another word for Lord in Hebrew is Ba'al.

Why all the confusion? If one doesn't know Elohim's name, then he may not recognize He "who comes in the name of YAH". (Lk 13:13, 19:38)

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
Again to everyone who is reading.


My main point is that they should not be overused while ignoring the author of the scriptures.

Biases in dominations and opinions of commentators can lead to the misunederstanding of scriptures.

How many times on this blog site have people quoted a commentary that is directly the opposite of what scripture conveys. Yet, these people rely so heavily on the word of man that they almost consider that word inspired.

That is my only point. I encourage people to turn off the radio & TV, close the study books, open the Word and see what wisdom Elohim can convey thru his own word to you then verify the commentary by that wisdom.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
Mark V-
I am not saying that there is not a use for outside resources, but some people tend to use them as if the commentators view is the same as scripture.

I have sat in bible studies, where the commentary is read more frequently than scripture itself.

Everything needs to be read and discerned using the eyes of the Holy Spirit and using actual scripture.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
//Howbeit,their is a far more studied 'opinion' that what we could ever have. Some of these writers have spent most of the lives dedicated to the study of the word of God.//

Your commentators may have a more "studied opinion" than you, but really there are MANY people that have a lifelong study of the scriptures and are not considered commentators.

Still yet many of these life long studiers have the wrong point of view and are guide by current popular interpretations which may have been thought as herectical only a short time span ago.

My main point is that the Holy Spirit should be our first guide as he has written the the scriptures upon the hearts of those who believe them.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple

There are some that we can learn from. However, if we also included some Jewish commentators and historians instead of the just the "greeks". Since it is their history and culture that the bible revolves in.

But I will state my point again, it is foolish to assume that all commentators and bible teachers are sent by Elohim.

What about the NIV versions that have a self-proclaimed "witch" on the writing committee. Was this person sent by Elohim to translate his word.

My point is to justify what the commentators are writing with what the holy spirit is revealing. if the commentators don't match up, then they are wrong.

First Three Days Of Creation
Lee, The issue is your abusive name calling for any one that doesn't agree with you.

But with regards to your comment, "And that is why people like yourself, find fault with me as I would dare question some of these cherished 'sacrosant' beliefs."

Do you also question the 'sacrosant" belief that "Jesus" died on the cross and rose from the dead? Sound like you are about to question yourself out of your own faith, whatever that is.

You should not find fault with those who think that the Scriptures as inspired by Elohim is correct in their meaning.

First Three Days Of Creation
Once again you have demostrated your true nature by the amount of name callling and aggressive language that you use.

Why would person want to know your christ when you act no different and with the hostility of the unsaved world around you.

If you are a reaaly a christian then your actions would reflect a changed and set apart character.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
The commentaries (at least the good ones), were written by those the Lord has called into the teaching ministry of the church. ---Lee

Most commentators give their OPINIONS of scripture based on dominational views. That is why there are baptist commentators, catholic commentators, saddle-creek commentators,etc. If these teachers of opinions were sent by Elohim why do they disagree on the same passages of scriptures? They are simply mere men with a political view of scripture. Real Teachers were sent by Elohim to so that other may learn how to obey the will of Elohim.

Again, please read the scriptures for yourself and let the Holy Spirit be your guide for He has was sent to write the law upon our hearts.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
lee, on issue of conscience.

In Hebrew language, the mind & the heart are the same.

Jer 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked...

If people follow THEIR conscience they will do what is wicked. This is why Yahushua says there is no one good but Elohim. (Mk 10:8)

Pro18:2 A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself.

Pro12:15 The way of a fool [is] right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel [is] wise.

Pro10:8 The wise in heart will receive commandments: but a prating fool shall fall.

Those who follow their own way will have therir "conscience seared with a hot iron" (1Tim4:2)

Iron Mountain Report Of 1967
Most Christians only know the greco-roman side of their faith and don't even know that "Jesus" was a Jewish Rabbi. Ofcourse, they read it in the Gospels, but that reality doesn't always sink in.

To assume that every "christian" knows history and understands scripture is naive-many people believe-contrary to scripture- that all they have to do is believe and accept "Jesus". But Scripture calls for REPENTANCE and this is often NOT taught in Sunday Morning feel-good, prosperity, pop-psychology meetings.

If "christians" really understood the history of their faith, they would develop more wisdom and strength and love for the scriptures that would allow them to sustain harsh times.

How To Keep The Sabbath
Romans 3:28 Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law.

James 2:17 Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.

It appears that the 2 scriptures contradict each other. But that can't be possible. So what is each saying.

Paul is addressing those that said that the man made traditions justified one's faith-stating that their ideas were incorrect.

James, in chapter 2, is referring to Elohim's torah as given to Moshe stating that evidence of your faith is done by obeying the Elohim's instructions (torah).

If one's faith has no laws (torah, instructions), then by what does one live by.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
//hello meira,
The bondwoman did not represent the instructions. It represented our nature to do things own our own. Abraham tried to gain the promised son his way and failed. that is why hagar is referred to as the BONDwoman. trying to do things your way and not YHWH's way puts youu in bondage
---Reuben on 8/13/09//

Thank you for being polite in your post.

The cermonial laws were then being kept according to man's instructions as the many of the pharisitical jews were not accepting the Messiah as the fufillment of the Torah. I am connecting this passage with Hebrews 10.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
//And you are telling me I should ignore those the Lord has given to the church for our benefit? Get real!!!
---Lee on 8/14/09 //

I am stating that you should not take the words of men as greater than the Word of Elohim. Put down the commentaries and read the scriptures for yourself with the Holy Spirit being your guide and interpreter.

Besides, who has said that your commentators were sent by God?

What Is A Israelite
I completely agree with you on your post. Many people do not know that they may be actual bloodline to Abraham, but that's ok, because Elohim knows.

Because the NK was scatterd into gentile nations, they were also called "gentiles". This is mind, the letter of Paul to the galatians and 1 Peter were not so much written to those of non abrahamic heritage, but those who were once part of the "family". The were writing so that the "prodical son" would come home.

However, one does not need to be of abrahamic heritage to come to the knowledge of the truth. this is evident in the form of the mixed multitude that was at mt sinai and mt nebo when the torah was conveyed in Exodus and Deut.

Iron Mountain Report Of 1967
The IM Report has mounting evidence to support it NOT being a hoax. Infact, any one willing to look at the policies of America closely will see that IM is taking place around us today.

There are people that will call anyone a conspiracy theorist that believes that an evil master plan is unveiling itself. These same people also believe the anti-christ will one day rule the world. Yet, the spirit of the A-C is conspiring already to coherce & force people to give up freedoms.

History lesson or not, Americans -and the world - will need a righteous hero to model themselves after when our freedoms have disapated. Macabees stood for righteousness against his anti-messiahs and so must we while trusting Elohim to deliver us.

How To Keep The Sabbath
Any knowledgeable student of the Bible (you are not one) would tell the commands of God to the ancients were not of the Torah

First, you once again display only disrespect to other people. Your tone is full of hatred. Read 1Jo3:15.

Ps 119:105: "Your Word is...a LIGHT unto my feet." Word in this verse is referring to the Torah. So we can see that LIGHT is TORAH. The word "light" (hebrw 'owr)in this verse is the same "light" used in Gen 1:3.

The "light" that Yah spoke into existence in Gen 1:3 is his Torah. That is why "blood of animals" was able to cover the sins of Adam & Havah (Eve).

So yes, the torah has been since the beginning. 1Jo2:7

Jews Really God's Chosen
Donna66, Obviously, Yah was fulfilling his own prophecies with the reestablishment of Israel.

If you have read any other my other blogs, you would know that I believe that "the Church-those who believe in Yahushua and follow the commandments (Rev 14:12)" is a part of Israel- and not separate.

"the Church" is no more special than the Jews, becasue we are grafted into Israel.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
I would wager you find no reputable commentary that agrees with your viewpoint.
---Lee1538 on 8/11/09

Stop looking at commentaries and read the scriptures-then you would not have the need to wager.

the "bondwoman" coexisted with the "freewoman". the bondwoman represent instructions that were no longer necessary because of Messiah's death at the stake-the ceremonial laws. Hebrews 10:4,10Remember the Torah is written about Yahushua. (Hbrw 10:7)

The Torah is not bondage-thus James wrote about the "law of liberty" (1:25)

First Three Days Of Creation
//There is really no way around that at all as the record clearly does not tell us anything about the duration of any of those 'days'.//

Just as they're language nuassiance in Am. English, their are in Hebrew as well. When a hebrew writer wrote day with (night & day), it referred to a 24 hour period.

The hebrew word for day is "yowm". Everywhere in scripture "yown" refers to a 24 hour period. Why would this same word only have different meaning in Genesis 1:1-11.

If you can not believe El's account of creation, then why believe the rest of scripture. It is all inspired by the same Author.

If you do not believe so then who is the Author and finisher of your faith? heb5:9, 12:2

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