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Witnessing To Jewish Woman
You have to study the history of Isra "el", Jews and their culture. After 10 tirbes scattered. They and Benjiman were left. Judaism changed after 70AD to a good works religion by Pharasee rabbis because temple sacrifcial system stopped abd jews scattered later in 135 AD.

Today, There are Pharasee(Orthodox), Saducee(kariate), Reformed Jews, and secular Jews etc. They are African, Europeoan and Asian.

Therefore what type are dealing with?

Many don't read written Torah, they study what their rabbis tell them through the lense of their Oral Torah-tradition.

Where is she getting her comments from, tradition or written TORAH?

Witnessing To Jewish Woman
PART 2 (final) I would lead her in prayer to Messiah based on WRITTEN Law and PROPHETS.

I would show her how the new covenant letters relate with OT(Tankh). You'll find the same laws of ethic-Matthew 5-7 chapters.

Many Jews see Christians as pagans who hate LAW and have been persecuted by so called Christians etc. It takes YHWH to open the heart and eyes.

Jewish-Messianic groups like: Lew White,
"Bibles for Isreal" and "Jewish Jewels" witness and educate Jews and Christians on Judeo Christian heritage and YAHUSHUA(JESUS).

Holy Ghost Tribulation
look into to parable of Ten wise virgins, (Hannukah)feast of dedication and the Jewish Messianic teachings on preparation for the endtimes.The history of this Jewish celebration relates to oil and the holy Spirit. One cannot be saved without the Holy Spirit in any time frame. John 10:22-23

Other Sabbath Churches
Have you Tried the "7th Day Baptist" General Conference HQ in Wisconson. They do have congregations in CANADA & USA.

Many vary in their beleifs on the after life(HELL,Heavan and soul sleep) and endtime rapture.

There are also Jewish Messianic & Hebrew roots Christians. However, use discernment of the Holy Spirit, YHWH'S scripture, history and archeaology. Many Oral traditions of Jews and Greco-roman church, Witchcraft, Egyptian star symbols, Eastern Gnostic thought and mysticim "are not" part of 1st century Apostolic beliefs.

All vary in their beleifs just like Sunday keepers. All will stand before Yahushua's judgement of fire for their works.

Let Jesus lead you.

Celebration Of Christmas Biblical
No. Jerimiah films " the unwrapping of christmas" clarifies the subject.

Tertullian and other church writers did not condon this mixed pagan celebration in winter.

Celebrating Christ as the Light of the World and preparing for the endtimes by filling up on the oil of the Holy Spirit so we can overcome the anti-Christ through the blood of the lamb, our testimony, and not loving our life unto death is what we should focus on. Many are unwise virgins following traditions of men.

Hannukh (FEAST OF DEDICATION)promotes these points. Besides the miracle of oil not runnung out. It teaches not giving in to assimilation of larger pagan culture even if means martyrdom.

We should do what Jesus did=John 10:22-23

Not Mixing Wool And Flax
The full counsel of God's Laws is in all the covenants. Enslavement to sin is what Messiah came to set us free from.

He "did not" come to get rid of Law. Read Matthew chapters 5-7.

Paul is not against the Mosiac Law. The Oral tradition with it's added Law (seen as the Law) is what enslaves. Obviously, practicing regulation can't save. It's a non-issue. Circumcision salvation is not in the LAW and Prophets, therefore it is man's tradition, not Law.

There is no sin in following the wisdom of God's word when it comes to diet, health and safety.

If someone wants to live from a worldly perspective is their business before Elohim.

Good post miera.

Jehovah Or JHWH For God
Jehovah with J sound was a much later translation.

Exodus 3:15 HE disclosed Himself by THE NAME (YHWH),in Original Paleo Hebrew. These were consonants without vowels. Later in the AD Masoteric texts vowels were added(Yahweh).

Kyros & Dominus was used in the BC era Greek Septuagent and later AD Latin Vulgate texts for His Name translated as LORD in English.

Adoni or Elohim is used alot in many Jewish sects to guard His Name from profane in "their theological view" of IT's use.

Halle-u-YAH = Praise God is form of His sacred Name.

We should honor Him in our heart, ask Him for understanding, and use it carefully, but wisely in Love.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
If one is to be an "Eternal Bible student" seeking Elohim's will. They must purposely study the resources that we have all been given as a best attempt by men and women of Jewish and Greco-Roman-Anglo-African biblical heritage to make sense of archeaolgy, history, and Cultural idioms that were spoken and lived during those times. No one is perfect on those all matters, but they are very helpful to guide us to our own theological exegisis!

Most important! We are to depend on the Holy Spirit beyond these resources to get a clearer picture and correct relationship with Yahushua(Jesus). He is the final authority.

To avoid blasphemy and damnation, we need to tread carefully and pray for correct guidance in all things.

What Is A Israelite
Rueben. This was a pretty good blog question. Many interesting viewpoints that make the facts more clearer as we all search this issue out in Yahushua.


Are 10 Commandments In Force
Matthew 5-7 chapters show that Yahushua's view of the Law in detail.

1 John 5: 1-4 outlines practice of Commandments.

No one is perfect, but that does not mean we continue to transgress God's Laws. Relligious leaders of that time obscured the Law with additions and subtractions, just as Christians do today. That's where the Holy Spirit is the main force to help us live a holy life in obediance to His words. Living faith is works in action. James 2:20

What Is A Israelite
A gentile(GOIYN) is sometimes defined as a foreigner, stranger, someone without a covenant from Elohim(YHWH).

An Isrealite (Prince of God or El) is someone that is a descendant of the 12 tribes of Israel (Jacob) son of Abraham.

Because Messiah (Yahushua's)FINAL atonement 2000 years ago, Gentiles can be engrafted into Isreal. Ephes 2:13,17

Ephesians 2:19 Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God, kjv

Although the word says Non-Jewish believers are Isreal, many continue to call themselves Gentiles...and many Jews still call them that too.

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
Everyone, The issue for Galations letter & Acts 15 issue is that "it was addressing" the use of circumcision,ceremonial Law, and customs for Salvation as entrance into Isreal-Exodus12:49 The Torah blood atonement lead to Messiah making final atonment for sins. The Law never taught Salvation by following works alone. Blood atonment was always required!

The yoke of bondage is the "added interpretation of the Pharasees. That's how the Law was interpreted. therefore "bondage".

2 Timothy 3:16-17 all scripture is useful, at the time he is talking about (the Law, Prophets & other Hebrew writings of that time).

Paul was not against wisdom and Hebrew practices from these texts.
Rom 7:7

Heaven Destroyed With Temple
part 2

Obediance to 1st century Apostolic practices obviously will not save you.

It's a non-issue for practicing Christians and Jewish believers who practice works as fruit of the Spirit, not for salvation. James 2:20 & Mark 16:16

*Miera is right on those issues! A Christian should always do their own Bible research.

Commentaries are helpful, but like the Jewish Talmud, they are educated opinions from their "traditional theology". One has to make up their own mind and be fully persuaded in history, archealogy and translation.

Buyer beware.

Iron Mountain Report Of 1967
Larry,LOL. No Christian "denomination" is perfect with all knowledge of God or selective learning of history. They can all learn, if they don't play "know it all ego manics". If someone does not take the time to learn history and scripture, then they are ones that are "specious" and insecure in their views, try the mirror.

How To Keep The Sabbath
You can keep the Sabbath like Yahshua did. Without all the stress of added traditions and laws. Luke 6:1-5

Life happens and we should not let it stop us if we have to save a life, help someone etc. The Sabbath(7TH Day was made for man not the Sabbath to control man). A preperation day dinner and bible study on Friday night with Sabbath day is done for meditating on YAH's creation, worship and rest in homes and community services. God gets the glory, not the Day itself.

Ken Rank-When Greco-Roman church system took over, Apostolic tradition believers were given false legal charges, labled heritical and's just part of being a Shabbot keeper.

Forgiveness and love, and move on up a little higher in Yahushua's power.

Iron Mountain Report Of 1967
Larry-Hannukah's lesson is important to "all Bible believers" everywhere because history repeats itself. a global system will affect everything. It teaches believers to resist Ant-Christ system, shows the cost of beleiving by faith as outlined in Hebrews 11-12 great cloud of witnesses, calls attention to protect the Bible and not allow it to be burned by the Ant-Christ, not be assimilated into the Beast system's culture, dedicate your temple to God through Christ and keep your lamp oil full to make it through those times.

Against all odds we win because Messiah conquered the Advesary. Those that beleive this will live accordingly by the bible no matter what situation we find ourselves Rev. 12:11,14 & 14:12

Are 10 Commandments In Force
good point wayne-
The issue in Pauls letter may lie in what Peter said in his midrash 2 Peter kjv

16 also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to be understood, which they that are unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction.

17 Ye therefore, beloved, seeing ye know these things before, beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own stedfastness.

It seems to warn people about lawlessness(Torahlessness). Even Romans 6 shows Paul was not lawless. He was against the interpretation of Moshe by the "usual suspects" that Yahushua had problems with.

Iron Mountain Report Of 1967
Larry- Flee to the hills comment: Christ(Mashiach) was also historically refering to what happened in the book of 1 Maccabees 4:45-46 & 1 Maccabees 1 & 2 chapters. Many of the same tents of history will take place in the future where the "anti-christ" will do some of the same things.

This is remembered each December 25th or Kislev called Channukah by Jewish people. Christ was at the Temple during that timeframe John 10:22-23 also to minister. It's a reminder for them to stand against paganism and Christians to not let their Temples be defiled by anti-Christ, sin and keep our lamps full of oil.

Iron Mountain Report Of 1967
The "weeks measurement" is used from the 70 x 7 curse =490 curse of Law disobediance their ancestors were given. Leviticus 26 chap & Jer 25:11,12, & 29:10.

Christ warned no man knows the hour or date of His Return. We do see signs of the endtimes, therefore wait on Him and continue to preach the Gospel no matter what happens.

II Peter 3:8-9

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