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Humans Lower Than Angels
The word Translated to angels - elohim can be translated as the Majestic Plural for God or as angels. In Hebrews 2:9 when it says Jesus was lower than the angels it is the greek work angelos which def means angel. But we need to step back if the book of Hebrews was writen to the Hebrew people (which it was) then the autograph was prob written in Hebrew so it again would have been the word elohim. As far as judging the angels it is my guess it will be the fallen angels not the obedient cause they will need no judgment. We are created in the image of God but that is obviously not literal and it does not say the angels are not created in the image of God so it is an open debate. I feel it should be rendered God not angel but it is only a feeling.

I Hate My Husband
i don't agree with the previous post... *you* did nothing to provoke the situation. you can only control your reaction, not the situation itself. my husband works 80+ hours a week and has no respect for what i do to keep our children leading a normal life. no way out, no hope, no life. but all i can say is trust yourself and god to show each day the proper course. i hope one day i will wake up from this darkness to find pleasant memories and my source of happiness. but for now, i try to get thru the day.

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