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More Intelligent Stay Married
Kathr, I was right when I first talked to you. You do let evil reign in your heart. Everyday you think of nothing but starting controversy and division. It is very annoying to hear you each day ranting and raving like a mad person. You ask Steven-rem what tribe he was from, how about you, what tribe or cult are you from?

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
Joe, if you knew something was wrong with your wife from the first day, why did you marry her? You even said not one day. kind of like when she said her vows she just turned to this Jezebel spirit. This sounds like a joke blog to see what others will say, to make them look bad if they say to do some mysterious ritual. Are you an athiest starting trouble?

Heard The Voice Of God
Betty, if you are a christian already you don't call on the Holy Spirit to come, He should already be in you. If you don't hear Him, he must not be there.

Explain The Great Delusion
Mima, first, you don't bad mouth anyone. All that shows is that you are angry, and bad example. Second, you should understand that sin follows sin. Everyone in office sins. Most are not saved, a few are. We are to pray for our political officials, that God will change their hearts towards Christ. Getting angry does nothing to cure the problem. If the president wants to meet with Satan, who are we to stop it. We can vote and if God sees to it that enough votes are given for us to win, we can stop some things. God does the changing of the hearts not only on the voters but on the presidents.

Is Heaven An Actual Place
Heaven is an actual place. It is the realm where God controls all things, even though He is Spirit and is everywhere. The two statments have to be taken together as fact. When the Bible speaks of God been in heaven, it is using the method called anthropomorphisms which simply means that His action as seen from the human view-point appears to be like that of a man.

Did Paul Sin After Salvation
Paul did sin after conversion. Everyone does. No one can escape the temptations of the flesh whether in mind or action. It is not our habit anymore for we are free from the chains of sin. Our spirit cannot sin anymore but our flesh can. Paul struggled a whole lot himself.

Israel Same As Bible
Trav I find it very difficult to understand also what your argument is. It is clouded by too much divorce, backsliding, marriage, and again divorce. In the OT people went back and forth. How does that have anything to do with salvation now?

Explain Proverbs 23:23
Kahtr/Custer, you can go on pretending you are someone else but its easy to see it is you. Go ahead and amen yourself. The more amens you give will not change who you are. The wisdom passages gave you away. Mary is right and so am I. You hide behind another name to speak good about yourself, and bad about someone else.

Struggling With My Weight
Kevin, that was great help and when you said about the cold water, I already knew the purpose of it. But what I didn't like was, beans, beans, beans. That would put your spouse in a very bad position don't you think? benefit you but not her.
Good advice my friend but I rather eat meat, meat. meat.
Very helpful advice.

Explain Proverbs 23:23
Custer, shall I call you kathr? be better to bring the truth out don't you think? Two remarks and both for you, how convenience. Don't you think you should have answered a few more and then covered youself? Please, we are not stupid. I know the different clothes you wear here. All you have to do is be honest and talk about God.

Benny Hinn Shocked Divorce
Mike, yes, it means he lack faith and she didn't. She went ahead and filed. I wonder too what happened to the force of faith in this matter? He used the force to claim a jet to fly him everywhere he wanted and three mansions. Name it and claim it is going to work for her now if she gets gets what she wants.

Explain Proverbs 23:23
Kathr, as Mary made a comment about, you do look for reasons to argue for nothing. Creating a mountain when there is not even a hill. Trying to display how much wisdom you have and the others, the lack of. Rod never said anything opposing your view, all he did was give his view, but to you it was not good enough. And many here want peace, but with you around, there is none. I stopped complaining about you, but everywhere one looks you are there.

Can A Christian Be Depressed
Mary, I was speaking of those who presume to be save but are not. Remember, I never knew you" comment from Jesus? or "they went out from us, for they were not of us"

Point of view (There is a Hell).

Friendship With A Married Man
Love, what you and he are doing is wrong. If you care for the feelings of his wife, you would stop doing what you are doing. Most of the advice Scripture gives us is to protect us, protect others. When we know that someone could be hurt, and we continue, we sin against God by opening the door to the powers of hell.

Can A Christian Be Depressed
Of course they can become depress. When they find out they are not saved at all, and realize they are heading to hell, they will be really dispressed. They are not going to laugh at God and get away with their rebellion. The wrath of God will be waiting for them.

Explain The Great Delusion
James, I do not have a negative view on any of God Churches. What happens is, that too much negativity is put on the Churches and not on sin itself. It is sin that is at work everywhere. The Bible says, tares are together with the wheat. We know that already. Bashing Churches is not the right thing to do. Lets get to the real problem. Sin.

Explain Proverbs 23:23
To Leon, the Truth cannot be bought. Jesus Christ is the Truth. He is the greatest gift the Father has for all sinners. Money or works cannot buy the Truth. What say you?

Explain The Great Delusion
James, you speak churches I speak sin. you speak denominations, I speak individual sin. Churches are not corrupted, the individuals are. The church of Christ is not corrupted.

Explain The Great Delusion
The great delusion is the "End time Delusions"
Christians vanishing in the rapture
Seven years of apocalyptic terror will overtake those left behind.
One sinister man-the antichrist-will take over the world.
These concepts are being taught on radio, television, at prophecy conferences, in countless books and magazines, in end time movies, in siminaries, with one event leading to the other.
As the Bible predicts, "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers, and turn their ears away from the Truth.

Women Teaching In Church
No. A woman should not teach a congregation. Only man are given that right. Not because they are better, wiser, or because woman are not good enough, but because God commands it. They can teach children, other woman. Man is to take the headship, just like in marriage.

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