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Title Of Jesus Christ
Phil, I suspect because the New Testament was authored in the Septuagint for which Joshua is known as Jesus (Greek). Among the Jews, Christ was simply known as Joshua of Nazareth.

Writings Of Paul False
How about the writings of the Gospel of Thomas...114 phrases of Christ..and some are hard to understand..others follow the four Gospels in the Bible...duh.

Will The Lord Return In 2012
Brother Cluny is right, besides the Mayan calendar is pagan leaving the suggestion it is fit to measure the plans of a holy God blasphemous.
The hilarious part of the Mayan 2012 hoax is the lack of knowledge that even in Mayan lore the calendar simply starts anew. Duh?

Obama Israel 1967 Borders
Warwick is correct, to the Muslim world surrounding this tiny country that is 1-tenth of 1 percent of the Middle East, no land concession will be sufficient.
I was hoping the president would simply urge peace and let Israel go about its way including Jerusalem as its capital, ultimately clearing the way for the prophetic and third rebuilding of Temple Mount.
Warwick, I thought I would never see God's public and direct intervention in worldly events in my lifetime, but Iran is literally playing with fire (from the sky) and dabbling in its own annihilation. With or without the U.S., God won't stand for it.

Did God Create The Devil
See Ezekiel chapter 1. As opposed to earthly art suggesting the devil is beastly and ugly, God created this most beautiful of creatures and created free will. Satan is described in beauty exceeding any woman or precious stone ever created. He was made perfect and still perfect but has chose to become perfect in sin.
Satan rebelled for the same reason we did - pride.

Rapture Did Not Happen
Cluny and Trav are spot on, meanwhile Harold Camping is now looking toward October 21st. He garners much more attention than warranted because media embraces the aberration. Camping is perfect for the bright lights and cynicism of TV. Sadly, lives were ruined as those seeking meaning in this mess of a world quit jobs and forfeited pensions.
Jim Bakker and others do this more subtly by selling powdered foods and other nonsense as if salvation in the day of terror can be found in a bunker. There will be no escape for the pagans seeking safety in that day and Christians are already secure, so what gives?
Anyway I tried to follow Camping's math but he totally ignores Matthew 24, the rise of the anti-Christ, the Temple, etc.

Obama Israel 1967 Borders
The president may have been technically correct that the borders with land swaps is identical to the discussions under "Dubya", but he used no wisdom is his public postulate giving Bebe no choice but to slam him in the Oval Office gaggle.
His director of Faith-based ministries, a charismatic from Chicago, should have given him a lesson in bible history. The president is consistent in U.S. policy and has increased Israel defense funding, but his lack of wisdom in speaking to the issue is alarming.
Meanwhile the wing nuts over at Fox conveniently forget Bush twice endorsed pre-1967 borders as a basis for negotiations in 2005. They are Pharisees in their hypocrisy.

Women Obedient To Husbands
The word of God is clear on this if they women dont submit to their husbands then rhey blaspheme the word of God. Then I am out of the equation she now is dishonoring God. Wifes are not to be their husbands conscience thats Gods job remember woman was made for man in mans image man was made in Gods image there is an order and Christians should know what that one Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.
As unto the Lord women should be ready to please God even when they think their husband is wrong they submit as unto the Lord this pleases God -So Ladies let your husband make the final decisions even when you my think their wrong unless you blaspheme the word of God.

Theocracy In America
The Declaration of Independence is a document listing grievances of the American colonies against the rule of England, and declares our intention and right to break away from England and form a separate nation. The references to God and the Creator are typical in the style of writing at the time.

It's in the Constitution that religious freedom is established as one of our basic rights.

The Founding Fathers were either Christians or Deists, looked at the history of Europe saw what government-mandated religious belief had done between Protestant and Catholic causing untold misery. The Founding Fathers took action to assure that such divisions would not be part of the new nation, by making religion a personal, not a public matter.

What Is Faith
The Geneva translators produced a revised New Testament in English in 1557 that was essentially a revision of Tyndale's revised and corrected 1534 edition. Much of the work was done by William Whittingham, the brother-in-law of John Calvin. King James disapproved of the Geneva Bible because of its Calvinistic leanings.

In 1620 the Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth with their Bibles and a conviction derived from those Bibles of establishing a new nation. This is where Dominion/Replacement theology began. This New Nation America, was now to become the New Jerusalem and they were God's New Chosen People.

Calvin is the godfather of the false doctrine of Dominion/Replacement/Reconstruction Theology!

What Is God's Will For Me
scripture says, to do all things in accordance with Him. to live a life pleasing to God. but, ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. God, asks. be in prayer ALWAYS in every decision we face. in the word daily, and counsell with elders. And we will walk in His will. There is not just one plan God has for you, there is another road, more decisions. More choices, allways seeking His will. His people wondered the desert 40 years They were taught to have faith for ONE day. God feed them mana just one day at a time. What did I do today, or in the last min. that was in Gods will. Lets focus on that and His will promises to fullfill our lives.

Acceptable To Spank Kids
I was spanked as a kid and grew up pretty well. I got married and we did not talk about it. I spanked our first boy and then we talked aboout it. my wife said. there are 100 ways to dicipline a child and you choose the one at the bottom of the list, that requires no thought. So, say he comes home from school in trouble, cuz he hit a kid, and we tell him its wrong by spanking him and hit him. I prayed about it. the word says, Whoever spares the rod spoils the child. What is the rod. a paddle or dicipline. it also says, The Lord is my shepherd. with his rod and staff he comforts me. that told me what to do. what does it say to you?

Purpose Of Tithing Today
Hello Friends, U guys sound so legalistic to me. since when did the righteousness of God get nailed to the cross? Thou shalt not steal, kill & commit adultery are still as relevant today as in Mose's time. tryna dismiss those principals, or even some of em, lead only to compromise/curruption on a grand scale.Im not talking Goats blood here, but the God honoring, kingdom promoting principles can never be outdated.
U say u love the kingdom of god? How else will great deeds be done unless the funds are corporately given in God's name I dont worry bout embezzlement - they shall pay whosever partakes of such wickedness. Fear to release your tithe represents a lack of trust in the omnipresence and justice of God, or at the very least GREED.

Salvation For Sabbath Keeping
The bible says Saturday the Sabbath and day to worship with the congregation and the day of rest. Sabbath and day of rest is from Sun down on Friday to Sun down on Saturday. Sunday is a workday not a day of rest.

Modern Judaizers Follow Law
Why say Jewish Sabbath? Created by God in Genesis long before Abraham and Jewish nation started.

Should Christians Go Out Dancing
I think the answer is in the question! And he is the one you should ask. Christians have been dancing for years, As Christians. Soif you are a Christian you would probably have prayed to him before you go out anyway, right!

Tithing Gross Or Net
Tithes first mentioned and practiced 430 years before the law between Abraham and Melchizedek Genesis 14:20
Jacob continued the practice with a personal vow of commitment Genesis 28:22
Israel was commanded to tithe under the law.
Leviticus 27:30,Malachi 3:10
Jesus Himself advised and condoned the continuation of the tithe "done/undone"
Matthew 23:23
Paul continues the teaching by bringing Melchizedek back into the picture as Jesus.
Hebrews 6:20

Change Before Salvation
It was the Logos/Jesus Who revealed The Father's existence when He revealed His Own existence. For that, Jesus was fiercely rejected and accused of blasphemy by the religious authorities of His day when He rightfully claimed to be the Son of God because they were not aware that God exists as The Father and The Word/Logos.
---kathr4453 on 11/13/09

Exactly. When the Lord spoke with Moses, it was the LOGOS who speaking. Moses asked, who shall I say sent me. The Logos/Lord said Tell them I AMsent you.

In the Gospels, Jesus says before Abraham was I AM. This infuriated the Jews because Jesus was saying He was God.

Jesus never said, I am the eternal son who always existed with the Father.

What Is A Worldly Christian
A worldly Christian is one who has the pride of Life. The Pride of life is of the devil.

Now ask yourself, what in this life are you proud about?

Life Possible Without God
I am so Glad that God has offered his LOVE FREELY!
Don't you realize that God fixed that when he sacrificed his flesh on that Cross?
He didn't just do for me and you, he did it for all mankind whom he loves! so all they have to do is cry out and repent and they will be forgiven!
---miche3754 on 11/9/09

miche3454, those who believe as markv does cannot understand a love like God's. They only understand they are the object of His Love. All else are the object of His hate.

The only thing God hates is sin, not the sinner. Their thinking is He died for His elect only. Our understanding through scripture is, God loved us all so much He sent His Son to die for our sin so that He could have fellowship with us.

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