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Woman With The Issue Of Blood
The part of the garment she touched is totally irrelevant.

To understand what this is all about you must read Leviticus 15.

The Law determines the woman as unclean. The Law has not made her clean. Indeed anything she touches becomes unclean.

She comes to Jesus by faith. She touches him, instead of Jesus becoming unclean, the Woman becomes clean.

The Mosaic Law could not make the woman well, it could only point out her problem, i.e. condemn her.

What the Law could not do, Jesus did.

The Woman's condition is a bit like Sin. A continuous dripping of uncleanness. The Law points that out to us. But only Jesus can make us well.

Catholic To Marry A Muslim
1#A Muslim by diffinition cannot be a Christian and vice-versa. This is not an issue of heritage, race, class or law. It is an issue of the heart. To be a Christian means that you make Jesus the Lord of your life. A Muslim cannot not do this.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
Is she a flase teacher don't enough about her, I know various preachers and teacher. It is clear that there were woman leaders in the Church, Timothy's daughters were prophets and there are also female apostles (same leadership as Paul and Peter). I believe that it against the bible and the bible being Gods word to call her a false teacher for just being a woman.

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