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Explain John 19:31
"should not remain on the cross on the Sabbath" = the normal Roman practice was to leave crucified men and women on the cross
until they died leavng their rotting bodies hangig there to be devoured by vultures. The Mosaic law insisted that anyone being impaled , usually after execution, should not be left there overnight. such a person was under God's curse and to leave him/her exposed would be to desecrate the land in their minds,"their legs might broken"- In order to hasten the death for certain resons, soldier would smash the legs of the victim with an iron mallet.
This action added both shock and addiional loss of blood and it also kept the victim from breathing, causing the victim to die from asphxiation.

Believe Jesus Is Coming Soon
In ROM 13:12 we read that the night is far spent, the day is at hand. Therefore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light!.We are to make known the three angel's message and direct people to take their places among those who "keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."
We do not know when probation will end but due to the lateness of the hour it is now more than ever time to watch, work and wait for the end of all things is at hand.

Is Love Important As A Christian
LOVE is of paramount importance in the Christian experience.We may confidently expect that not having spared His Son, He will also give us freely what's needed for our salvation.Jesus also tells us that he that loveth him, shall receive His love as welll as the Father's love and we shall be called SONS OF GOD.
In view of God's great LOVE for us, we ought to LOVE one another and be ready to lay down our lives if necessary.
Finally, God sometimes uses LOVE to discipline us but we can rest assured that He loves us with an everlasting love and if we are in Christ, nothing can seperate us from His LOVE.

Believe Jesus Is Coming Soon
Joel 2:1 tells us that we should sound the alarm for the day of the Lord's coming is right at the door!
One of my favorite authors writes that the things that concern our eternal welfare should now absorb our attenton.
We are living in the closing scenes of this earth history. Prophecy is rapidly fulfilling. The hours of probation are fast passing. We have no time to waste, not a moment to lose!
Don't say to yourself or to anyone else"The Lord is delaying His coming!" for when you least expect Him, He will come.
Jesus is soon to come and we need to prepare
so we may meet Him in peace! Let us determine to tell others too so that many might be ready and blessed by His soon coming!

Do Christians Have To Pray
" Pray without ceasing." 1 Thes.5:17
Prayer is the breath of the soul, the channel of blessings. Prayer to the Great Physician for the healing of the soul brings blessings from God. Prayer unites us to one another and to God. Prayer brings Jesus to our side and gives new strength and fresh grace to the fainting and perplexed soul...

Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
Donna66: Allow me to say that I believe that the GOOD DEEDS are an important element in the total proces of salvation. They DO NOT save us but they take on a important role as
part of a faith which works to express our gratitude for the gift of salvation. Remember both groups in my example did good works.
GR1 did good works TO BE SAVED! They were sure that they would be saved but hey were lost!
GR2 did good works also, BECAUSE THEY WERE SAVED. They had FAITH + WORKS = SALVATION!
The motive for doing good works is very important I believe. Maranatha!

Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
Donna66: Please allow me one more example of the danger to say with certainty that we sre saved.
Peter: Self-confidence led him to believe that he was saved, yet gradually one step at a time he went on a downward path, until he denid his Master. As one of my favorite authors put it: "Never can we put CONFIDENCE IN SELF or feel ...that we are secure against temptation...even when we give ourselves to Christ and know that He accepts us, we are not beyond the reach of temptaton. As the Bible states in Dan,12:10:"
Many shall be purified and made white, and tried" but " only he who endures the trial will receive the crown of lie.: James 1:12.
Donna 66: Thank you for your comments. I appreciate hearing from you.

Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
Donna66: First let us consider the "I am sure that I am saved" group. They sincerely believe because they have prophesied + cast out demons in the Lord's name. He tells them :"I never knew... you who practiced lawlessness!" They are SELF-CONFIDENT but lost. Group 2, cherished the hope and faith +
served their Master faithfully but unaware of the good they have done. They
ask the Master:"When did we feed you or visit you in prison?" His answer:"Whenever you did it to one of the least among us... enter into the place I have preparefor you" They hope that they will be saved and they WILL BE SAVED! Their advantage: not SELF-CONFIDENT but MEEKNESS and HUMILITY = SALVATION. I
hope that helps!

Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
MIMA: I respectfully disagree with your interpretation: uncertainty and doubt are not the same.I stand by what I wrote.

Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation
I believe that there is a danger to being "sure" of ones salvation. It implies Once Saved Always Saved and it can lead to one being overconfident and we know there is no room for that in the Christian experiecne.
So I would humbly hope that my response to God'grace is honest eough that I will be among the remnant but I don't tink it is healthy for me to think that I am surely going to be saved.

How To Read The Bible
Correct study is essential to right understanding of God's word.
Paul tells us to rightly divide (compare and interpret) the word of truth.
In our sudy of the Bible, we should compare scripture with scripture put truth together like a puzzle-line upon line- here a little ad there a little-to form a comprehensive picture of God's turth.
We should also study fo ourselves, testing all human teachers and teachings by the Bible.

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
Gary: Just got done reading the history of tithing and:
I learned that the question of tithing was more the result of an evolutionary process than a copy of the OT or NT system.
I learned that there were some changes made to the system to better finance the ministries of the church.
My reading lead me to see actions take by committes in a fairly orderly way just as it is done today.
So, you were not exactly honest with what you wrote about the way the tithe was promoted and your amazement at the dishonesty of the leadeship over the years is totally baseless.

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
LEE: I don't want to take too much time to deal with your questions because I don't sense that you would enjoy my efforts. I wll give you one example of how you misinterpret what EGW said:
29 Did she say that the Civil war was a sign that Jesus was coming back soon.< Her thoughts were not focused on the Civil War specifically but on the world in general. Later she commented on the war and wrote "Everything is preparing for the great day of God. Time will last a little longer, until the inhabitants of the earth have filled up the cup of their iniquity ... and this land
of light will drink the cup of His unmingled wrath."
For the rest consult the EGW estate.
Peace, PR

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
Lee: I have just spent hrs readig about EGW's health principles.
My reading contains the answers to your questions BUT you have to look for them and find them in about 10 pages of "NUTS" materials which I am ready to send to you for FREE. Just send me your mailing address and I will send you the goods!
For others, go to the Ellen G. White Estate webpage and search:
dangers of meat eating for children.
Happy reading! PR.

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
LEE:I almost did not answer you at all because of your attitude. Yu are more interested in
DARING me to have an answer than in LEARNING from my answer.
1. EGW did not say that eating meat would make YOU immoral!
2. EGW wrote that meat should not be served to children because of its influence and that
a meatless diet FOR CHILDREN is preferable.
I will take a little time to research her claim and from time to time I will report my findings.

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
LEE: Tonigt I just watched Larry King'program. The topic: Should you eat meat?
The guests were talking about such "nutty things" as EGW wrote about. Did you see the program? EGW would have fit right in with the panel and she would not ha been treated like a nut!

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
LEE: Here is another article which just caught my eye. Bottom Line Secrets, Oct.1, 2009 under the heading LIMIT MEAT: "Strict SDA avoid meat enirely. Studies of SDA show that a relatively high proportion eat nuts. Those who eat about two ounces of nuts five or more times a week have heart decease rates that are only half those who rarely eat nuts." So NUTS to you for a better understanding and appreciation of EGW's writings on health.

Seventh Day Ellen G. White
CLUNY: Your paraphrse of EGW is invalid. She does not claim to be "the infallable" mouthpiece of the Holy Spirit.
Your comment that she "claims inllability in all things" is totally untrue also.
Stick to the facts, please! Thanks.
As for the White Estate takig down part of their website because it was causing them trouble to tell the truth, pllease provide me with drect proof of your claim, such as a
letter from them affiming what you caim! Thanks.
As for "adapting" or adopting the tithing plan
from the Bible, I don,t see anythiing wrong with that. Jesus, in Math, 23:23 edorsed the tithng principal!

Tithing A Biblical Teaching Today
GARY: Granted, most texts supporting tithing are from the Old Testament.But is it not TRUE tht in MATH 23:23 Jesus endorsewd the tithing principle when he said:...these you ought to have done without leaving the others
(ex. pay tithe) undone. Since Jesus endorsed the tithing principle I conclude that it is a good way to finance the churche's ministriess.

Can We Suffer After Death
No! No! You cannot be DEAD and feel PAIN!
You have to be ALIVE to feel PAIN!
Discussion closed!

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