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Woman With The Issue Of Blood
The woman had tremendous Faith, and new without any doubt that if only she touched his hem she would be healed.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
i usually cant speak, and the dreams are growing somewhat shorter. i had a mild one a few weeks ago.
i have been talking with a youth councellor at my church. She is the head of our unit-like group of just girls. she too had bad experiences when she was younger. and so has most of the other girls in my unit.
i dont take joy in having these dream-visions. i think that talking about our experiences might help ease the fright.

Do Men Want Big Women
touchy touchy...

i understand that some people have medical issues that cause them to gain or keep weight. im just saying that if you CAN do something about it, then you should. again, our body is god's temple.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
i had a minor one again yesterday morning. i was falling in and out of sleep. every time i fell asleep, black sort of fog-like creatures would be at my side, sort of inspecting me. i got that electrical tingling through my body again.
i thank god that this one was mild. it didnt scare me hardly at all.

Do Men Want Big Women
self-control is a fruit of the spirit, is it not? and that doesnt mean just controlling your anger or lust. it means controlling any temptation. also eating.
and our bodies are suppose to be temples. the way we look also tell alot about who we are.
personally, i dont see a four hundred pound woman as a good christian example.
and overweight people are limited to what they do. my mom lost a lot of weight when she had kids because she wanted to be able to go to the park and play with us.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
i had a dream awhile back where satan physically grabbed me by the head. i could see his hands and hear him.
i have had times at night when i hear sounds. the slam of jail cells, the pounding of a judge's hammer, and laughter.
once i had a more pleasant vision. in it, there was a room, filled with food, furniture, treasure and clothes. then the stuff disappeared. i heard a woman say something like "all, all of it is gone. it all meant nothing. it was all so pointless."
and i have had other prophectic-like dreams. but these demon-satan dreams are never pleasant. and sometimes i see faint faces in the dark, in these vision-dreams. but lately it has been mostly voices and faint faces. they make fun of me and laugh at me usually.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
i dont mess with any occults or witchcraft.
i can somewhat think during these things. some dream-visions are more real than the others. i do know that i get incredibly frightened while they are happening. as i said, i have barely any control over my body.
i do think, but im a bit groggy. and in them i do know whats going on and i know that im having another dream-vision.
my spirit talks to him, not me directly. but i do know whats being said and such.
i thank whoever told me about John 14. it has brought me alot of peace.
i think that satan and my spirit are having a spiritual battle, maybe even in different diminsions.
i will continue in another post.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
i have told my family.
they are christians too.
im not sure why i have these dreams.
i dont think that it has anything to do with what i eat, and i dont take any meds.
i have had several dreams where i'm having debates with satan about things like the bible. he'd twist up the verses. oh, how mad he can get at me.
i find comfort in Psalms 23 alot. i read my bible.
i dont watch horror movies or things bad that have happened on the news.
demons scare me more than satan, because i'm familiar with satan.
i'll keep you updated with how im doing.
thanks for the help.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
pt. 2

br>i was at an outside funeral, sort of looking at it from above sometimes. there was five caskets. the people wore black and looked... out of faze. sort of see-through. they couldn't see me.
or satan.
he walked around, carrying a shotgun. he was boasting to me about how he made the five kids do a school shooting.
satan did not look like a horned, red beast. he actually looked somewhat like a homeless man. he had short brown hair, maybe brown or black eyes, and looked in his late forties or fifties. he wore a dark brown long coat. his hair was tossed. he looked worn out.

someone please help me. each dream-thing is worse than the one before. i cant take much more of this. and no one will take me seriousy.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
I am 12 years old and have suffered demonic dreams for the last few months.
im almost always laying on my side, and suddenly i cant see, even if my eyes are open. i feel incredibly drugged and numb.
the first dream, i felt something like someone putting their arm over me, laying behind me. where it touched me sent electrical-like tingling throughout my body.
then a creature in the dark appeared, coming torwards me. it lunged and beared its teeth. it was the worst thing ive ever seen.
still very numb, i began to mumble and lip "jesus loves me, this i know". the thing looked unsure, came within inches of me, then everything disappeared and was back to normal.

Please Pray For This Missionary
God is able! I have faith He will deliver Ferdie Flores from the hands of the evil one.In Jesus name!!

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