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Importance Of Free Will
Free will, at least the concept of free will is very important to the man who thinks himself to possess it.

Covid-19 Life Impact
Common unit? Have Faith in God. His plan for His called is to prosper them and to give them a desirable end. Woe to the man that trust in man and makes what he considers he can do in his own strength or force of will His Strength or power to overcome.

Do We Have Free Will
we are free to follow the will of the god we serve.

Correct Bible Interpretation
Cluny, the Sabbath is the law, as much as thy shall have no God before me. The quote references the law, and the law, like the rest of scripture, stands as written. No one need interpret Fathers word, what we need, is understanding. For that understanding, the only teacher we have, or need, is the inspiration Father provides the believer through the indwelling presence of His Spirit. So you see Cluny, although the text is written in the context of a specific law, in my view, it is applicable to all the law and prophets in their revelation of the Christ and His gospel. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind. If this thought, further proves your point, then so be it.:o)

Correct Bible Interpretation
//You have certainly proven that a text without a context is a pretext.//
Cluny what does that even mean? I've shared my view, whether it is accepted or rejected, I'm Ok, no harm done.

Correct Bible Interpretation
As concerning scriptural understanding, "Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind." For every man "shall give account of himself to God."

Correct Bible Interpretation
Cluny, thanks to the Strongs I am aware of what the word means. How does that change the meaning or application of the verse? I fail to see your point.

Correct Bible Interpretation
2Ti 2:15 - "Study to show thyself approved to God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." Sounds like an individual matter to me Cluny.

Baptism Spiritual Effects
The spiritual effect of baptism, is a resulting faith for the remission of sins, and an answer of a good conscience toward God, through an acknowledged confidence in the atoning sacrifice, death, and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ, for the salvation of the man who has been washed by the water of the Word.

Canada Hate Bill For Speech
"What do you think about Canada putting through a bill criminalizing hate speech in public? Steveng what qualifies as "hate speech" according to their new bill?? How is it applied to "christian displays" or "street preaching"?

Jesus With Taxes
"JOSEF. It's disappointing that you disregard God's word. Haz this sounds like an accusation, that has brought you to a judgment concerning me:o) Does it suit you? Obviously you've decided to end our exchange. Be blessed in your thoughts, Have a good day.

Jesus With Taxes
My apologies Haz, I posted this response to the wrong blog. A man does not 'overcome' (conquer or defeat) that which he has been 'freed' (delivered or liberated) from. An accusation may be a part of the "judging process", however the accusation is not the judgment.

The Mueller Report Trump
Haz a man does not 'overcome' (conquer or defeat) that which he has been 'freed' (delivered or liberated) from. An accusation may be a part of the "judging process", however the accusation is not the judgment.

Jesus With Taxes
"JOSEF. Your indiscriminate generalizations about "accusations" appears to be a deliberate ploy to avoid the truth." What "truth" are you referring to Haz? Where in Rev 12:10,11 does it read, or even imply "Jesus freed us from Satan's accusations"? Freed and overcame are different words with different meanings. They are not synonyms. The same applies to the words accused and judged that you attempted to make synonyms earlier on 5/2 by quoting 1 Cor 5:3, in an apparent attempt to accuse Paul of making an accusation.

Jesus With Taxes
"As you're the one who first referred to Satan the accuser" No Haz, John of Revelation was first. Where is it written that Jesus set anyone free from Satan's accusations? Since you seem fond of suggestions, I "suggest" you stop looking to defend or excuse accusations of any kind.

Jesus With Taxes
"JOSEF. Not answering my question on what Satan the accuser was accusing people of is not helping you. HAZ, no help necessary. I am not interested in his accusations. If the subject of his accusations is important to you, then answer it yourself, If you have an answer, for the benefit of those who may think likewise. In my view, an accusation is an accusation, period, and unnecessary in the light of evidence. If there is no evidence, there should be no accusation. Baseless accusations has cost people their lives.

Jesus With Taxes
"I suggest you be more discerning about what is "accusing" in future.
---Haz27 on 5/1/19"
Haz I've stated the definition of accusing, as I understand the term. I suggest you adhere to your own suggestion, today.
"Also I guess you don't like the accusations against false Christians in 1Cor 5." Paul's rebuke is directed towards those in the church making or listening to the accusations, without taking any action concerning them. And no Haz, I don't like accusations, of any kind. I make every effort to avoid them, and allow evidence to speak for itself.

Jesus With Taxes
"We need to differentiate what accusations Satan is in to, as opposed to accusations of other matters such as false brethren in the church" (1Cor 5).---Haz27 on 4/30/19 Why Haz? And accusation is "a charge of wrongdoing, imputation of guilt or blame" regardless of "the act of accusing or state of being accused." Accusers, are off springs of the accuser. Prove me wrong.

Jesus With Taxes
"Mark 12 and Luke 23 backs me up and you all know it. You just making up stuff NOT in the Bible." Nicole that's exactly what an accusation sounds like. And that's exactly how Luke 23:2 reads, like an unfounded accusation. Satan is the accuser, and those influenced by him, and yield, are his servants.
"So, Josef, your explanation of Kingdom not on earth doesn't matter. Luke 23:2 (King)" I just thought I would throw it in anyway Nicole, It may matter to someone. I think "my kingdom is not of this world" means what it reads. Jesus never claimed to be king. We are simply privileged, blessed of Him, to know that He returns to earth as LORD OF LORDS and KING OF KINGS.

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