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Does Prayer Change Things
Dan, yes he did insult me.
How would you like if you were told that you were speculating simply by asking God how and why he answers prayer the way he does?
Shawn has said that I was speculating.
I was not. I asked God a question.
Speculating is coming to a conclusion without asking God.
I asked God.
I was compaired to Eve and what she did in the garden with satan!
That is NOT what I did.
You can say and believe what you want. I believe we should pose EVERY QUESTION, no matter what it is, to God and seek his answer.
There is no sin in that at all. No speculating, just asking.
I have been wrongly accused. That is very simple and easy to see.

Does Prayer Change Things
Shawn, How could you think that was what was in my heart when I asked God?
All I can say is that grieves my spirit.
You accuse me yet the fruit of what you accuse me of isn't there.
You say those things about me just because I asked God and he answered me.
You answer me kindly on other blogs as long Im doing the learning and you the teaching. As soon as that changes, you say I am guilty of those things.
You say God bless you and such, well, God has shown me that you might know his word and can teach it, but there is no love behind the words you speak here. They are empty.
Otherwise you would not say what I asked God was speculation and accuse me of such horrible things. What I asked God was just a question and he answered me.

Old Men Shall Dream Dreams
Ernest, I am sorry but I don't know what you are talking about.

Richard, it says all flesh not elect.
Everyone please, why are talking about the rapture?

I can see why people leave this site or won't ask questions. No one sticks to the subject. People insult you when they have no reason to. Tell you aren't saved that you are guilty of something that is NOT true. The moderators really need to set rules boundaries and limitations.
The only person who answered me was Shawn.
And he is false because he shows me love here yet calls all sorts of what not somewhere else.
Real Christians don't do that.

All I can say is ya'll won't hear from me for a while if I even come back.

Old Men Shall Dream Dreams
Thank you, Shawn for that confirmation. I can't even say how many times that I was told I was wrong about having that view of that scripture. I have seen it coincide with other scripture as well. Would you say this happened when Christ gave up the ghost on the cross? if, when would you say this outpouring of spirit happened? I am also wondering if this happened when Christ was resurrected. If you do not mind, can you give me some other scripture that would point to when this event happened? Could have happened at pentecost or at the times I have asked? Again thank you and God bless you, Shawn. I await your answers.

Does Prayer Change Things
I did take it. Taking correction and taking insults are 2 different things.

Shawn corrected me about HOW prayer changes things. I accepted. Then he turned around & accused me of worldy pleasures comparing me to Eve.

When I said he and Kath were right then stated how I asked God, Shawn jumped all over me. Stating I had conversation with devil as Eve did.

That, brother Dan, is an insult.
I apologized to him, he should apologize to me.
Why am I being falsely accused?
I asked God what would have happened if Hezekiah had not prayed and God said that G he will accomplish all things and his word does not come back void. God answered me.

Dan, why are you jumping all over me when I did nothing wrong?

Does Prayer Change Things
"The destruction of Speculating was the first lesson taught in the Bible. Eve's mind give into the serpents subtil way of speculating, by Adding & Taking Away from what she was already Foretold by God... which lead to the 'Fall'."- Shawn

You said I was speculating just like Eve.
No speculating here Shawn, but a lie that was believed.

How can you call me praying and asking God seeking his will, justifying worldly pleasures?
I didn't say I was Eve. You did.

I am just going to leave this alone because you are ranting and raving and accusing me when I didn't do anything wrong. God can fight this battle for me.
God bless you Shawn.

Does Prayer Change Things
By the way Shawn, Speculating is NOT what caused the fall.
A lie combined with The lust of the eyes...
the tree was pleasing to the eyes of Eve.
The lust of the flesh...Eve thought the trree looked good for food.
The pride of life...Eve desired to be just like God.
All this caused the fall, Shawn.
There is none of this, Brother Shawn when I ask God questions.
There is nothing wrong with me asking him if they had not done what they did, what would have happened LORD?.
I ask these questions because I am seeking GOD's will. not satan's.
God always answers.
Why is it that you always think when someone asks God questions, they are speculating? Why are you falsely accusing me?

Old Men Shall Dream Dreams
I am just wondering if any of you are going to address the fact that God poured out his spirit on all flesh?

That was why I asked the questions.

Do you think he meant all flesh literally or just to those who accepted Christ?

Does Prayer Change Things
Shawn, we are talking about individual things here. Individual prayer. Individual relationship with God.
We have the promises as Kath explained so brilliantly.

You are accusing me of adding to God's word when I did not.
I was speaking on a personal level not general.

My personal experience on how God reveals things to me is not the same as it is with you or other people. It is a personal relationship within the promises that God has given us.

How can you compare a conversation between me and God to the one between Eve and Satan? Do you even realize what you said?
There is no lust of the flesh , eyes, or pride of life when I ask God things. Its about his will.

All I can say is .....WHAT?

Does Prayer Change Things
There is nothing wrong with speculation...asking questions, wondering.
It is when you do not seek God in the matter at hand that it becomes a problem.

In my case it is always a part of the process of learning what God wants me to learn.

And God showing me what he needs me to see.
I don't see why you seem to have a problem with the way God and I communicate(for lack of a better word).
Do you really think we aren't supposed to ask questions of God to find his will?

My Bible tells me to knock seek and ask. I am sure yours does too.

Does Prayer Change Things
Dan, I had no problem with Shawn's answer.
He simply took what I said wrong because I expressed it in the wrong way.
I have no problem at all saying sorry when I am wrong. It was my fault because I didn't properly explain myself in the first place. So, it was not Shawn's fault and I was not upset or mad at him.

Thank you Kath.
I see Dan is not used to us hashing it out and eventually coming to an agreement or agreeing to disagree (mosly agree though,
By the way, I really liked your last post too. Great scripture !!!

Does Prayer Change Things
Dan, may I ask what you are talking about? Just in case you haven't notice, I have apologized several times to many people on many subjects. So I am not sure who or what you are reading. But that is okay too. Please tell me what message you are trying to give me that I supposedly am not receiving? Like i said, sometimes in these blogs things can be misunderstood. I have done it before and so have others. If you feel I have been prideful in any way, please forgive me. On a different note, may I say that you should take a look at some of my few blog posts, maybe then you will see you are trying to correct something that isn't even there. Thank you and God bless

Does Prayer Change Things
Dan, not angry at all.
It is difficult to portray love in just words here on this site. Especially in only 125 words or less.
It gets frustrating for me when I can't seem to get out what I want to say. If I was angry, brother, why would I apologize for not being able to communicate properly with Shawn? Why would I put the blame on myself? Because it was my fault for not properly explaining myself.

Kath, that last post was amazing sis!

Shawn, I apologize again if I didn't explain myself properly. God bless you and Kath and everyone else on this site!

Does Prayer Change Things
My point is Shawn, I didn't need you to answer it.
God already had.
I did read my posts.
I was putting my thoughts that I had in the process of the revelation down in these blogs, how God revealed it to me and the questions I asked
Is that wrong? I don't think it is.
Do you think God won't answer that, too?
Again, we have had this same discussion before and I explained this before.
Sometimes the questions that I asked God when learning end up here on the blogs. If we do not seek and ask, God will not reveal it, right? Maybe me putting it here will help someone else who asked those same questions. Sometimes I don't know any other way of explaining it. I apologize if it comes out wrong or is misunderstood.

Does Prayer Change Things
Shawn, please read all of my posts.
I had already answered my question. I appreciate the advice but it was not something I needed an answer to.
If I was speculating, I would not have answered my own question.

I also believe you and I have had this same discussion before.

I am a very patient person, so, I am repeating myself.:-)
Please read all of my posts before you answer. In fact, read it a few times before you do. I do that myself to keep from assuming and 90% of the time it works unless I don't understand.
Thank you and God bless.

Does Prayer Change Things
Thank you Shawn. It was revealed to me like that because I asked God about it and spoke with my church teacher. He explained it wonderfully.

I had an idea that it was that way. I was just tripped up by the way you and Kath had explained it. I didn't understand. For that I apologize to both you and Kath. You were both trying to explain it and I just was not getting it. It happens sometimes.

So really it is us praying as Christ told us to in the Lord's prayer. That God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
It also makes me wonder what would have happened if Hezekiah had not asked for God's will to be done. Would God still have saved him?
I think that if not, God would have still effected his plan since he knows the path.

Am I Saved By Belief
Homer, do you remember when Jesus talked about the mustard seed?

Well, he says if we have even faith the size of a mustard seed in HIM, we can say to the mountain be moved and it will be.

So, if you have even that little bit of faith, and you are following after Christ(picking up your cross), you are saved.

Does Prayer Change Things
Could it be God already knew what Hezekiah would ask, and already knew even before Hezekiah asked what His answer would be.
---kathr4453 on 8/6/10

Yes he did know.

I think this eccentially goes back to praying for God's will to be done.
To know this we must be in the spirit to hear that still small voice that tells us what should be done. What choice to make.

It is like the bible tells us God knows already what we need and want but we still have to pray and ask.
We have not because we ask not.
So when we pray and ask what he wants for us, he reveals it and changes our situation to what he already wills and knows.

Does Prayer Change Things
2 Kings 20:1-6 Hezekiah
v1, Isaiah comes to Hezekiah and tells him that God says for him to take care of his affairs because he is going to die.
v2 and 3, Hezekiah prayed
v4, 5 and 6, before Isaiah even left the Lord had answered Hezekiah prayers
God told Isaiah to turn around and tell Hezekiah that he heard his prayers for healing. God healed him and added 15 years to Hezekiah's life.

If you don't believe me, go and read it for yourself.

Meaning Of Travail In Prayer
The Bible says

"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wraths "

I should apologize because I didn't even address the travail part only the prayer part.

I don't believe we should trvail in prayer.
I believe we should pray first God's will be done, then ask for what it is we need and IF it is God's will, he will give it to us.
I believe prayer changes things. I believe it can change God's mind about situations in our lives, too.

Maybe if I would have been clear then I would not have gotten "raked over the coals" :-)

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