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God's Covenants With Man
Warwick, perhaps you don't know what I believe because you have not read my posts. Jesus died for our sins and rose for our justification. He is the Savior of all mankind, especially of believers. In the end the whole creation will be reconciled to God, and God will be All in all. That's what scripture says and that's what I believe. :-) God bless you.

God's Covenants With Man
Yikes! Some of you think I belong to Christ and some of you don't. Could you take a vote! :-)

I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
SusieB, this site belongs to the ChristiaNet people so I presume they can run the show here according to their own lights.

Do Angels Have A Sin Nature
Angels and demons are doing what they were designed to do. They have always been just as they are now.

What's Up Blog for Sept 2009
A blessed Yom Kippur to all who might be observing the holy day.

Does Purgatory Exist
There will apparently be something resembling purgatory. See 1 Corinthians 3.

Is Theistic Evolution Blasphemous
Theistic evolution is blasphemous to those who view it as blasphemous, and not blasphemous to those who don't view it as blasphemous.

Proof Of A True Prophet
If someone told me he was a prophet, I wouldn't believe him no matter what he did.

Tithing A Biblical Teaching Today
Tithing was a commandment to Israel in the Law of Moses. It involved only agricultural products and livestock, which were given to the Levites for their support. Levites were not allotted land to support themselves. Even if the Law of Moses applied to Christians, tithing would no longer apply, since that situation in ancient Israel no longer exists.

Can We Suffer After Death
Betty, if heaven and hell are literally as described in the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, then you will spend your eternity in heaven watching the people in hell being tortured for eternity. Does that appeal to you?

I Enjoy ChristiaNet Blogs
Darlene, God bless you!

Should Christians Drink Beer
Gary, Alan of UK has a subtle sense of humour. You missed it.

Is God Sovereign
It is obvious to me through Scripture that God wishes, wills, and intends to save the whole human race, reconciling everyone to Himself. That's what I believe. If you want to disagree, that's okay. God bless. God loves you!

Okra Growing Advice And Tips
Donna, I don't doubt it for a minute!

God's Wrath Held Back
If the truth were obvious, we would all be in agreement. But it isn't, and we aren't.

Darwin's Theory Of Old Earth
If the truth were obvious, we would all be in agreement. But it isn't, and we aren't.

Is God Sovereign
God's Free Gift isn't an "offer" of a gift. It is just a gift. When God gives gifts, they are already ours. God gave us all the gift of being alive on earth right now. He didn't offer it, we just have it, plain and simple, because God gave it to us, free for nothing.

Is God Sovereign
Kathr, it looks like there are alternative ways of viewing most scripture passages.

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