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Eternal Torment Night & Day
Yes! And te bible does not teach that the poor lost soul is tormented forever - the lake of fire is the 2nd death - not the 2nd eternal life in hell.

Bad Finances No Marriage
don't worry about your credit... it's a system of fraud anyways.
banksters set it up to make us their slaves.... just work with cash and forget the credit system....its a game and a trap

Doomsday Preppers
It is wise to prepare. For those who know the laws of economics and are aware of the currency war situation for the USD, they are either leaving the US or preparing for economic collapse to come. It is not far off.

I Had Affair With My Pastor
Where is your church. What's the name of your church? Would love to know so I could reveal who he really is. No wolf in sheeps' clothing should be allowed to continue on

What Doe The Number Seven Mean
the nuber 7 is completness or fullness, it is where we get the word sever, so sometimes, it means a cutting off from the fullness.
7 days a week, the 7 seas, 7 notes in musical scale a thru G, etc. It's a God designed thing all throughout creation
and in prophecy as well. It sometimes is an anti-luck meaning, a cutting off and end of something.

Is Overspending A Sin
Overspending is absolutely a sin. It is being an unfaithful steward of funds God will require of us as to what we did with them. If we waist money on overspending on stuff, we are living for the temporal and not the things eternal.

Don't Keep Ten Commandments
must be an SDA set up - 10 commandments are part of the old covenant - SDA church still doesnt understand the law of the SPirit.

Is The USA Modern Day Babylon
The miss assesment with those here is that they take Duduman to be a prophet. He never claimed such a title - His initial encounter with the angel happened, but we have to realize, demons can also come in to "add" to someone's experiences and muddle the testimony. The mistake of those here is that they are not seeing the confirming testimony from others, like Henry Gruver and the prophet Jonah Ben Noah, as well as many others at qwakeup

Ellen G. White A Prophet
Pretty familiar with Ellen G and the SDA church - she is not a prophetess - she claimed sunday blue laws are the mark of the beast and described the beast as the papacy - they claim dates of 1260 years as the dark ages, fabricating those dates to justify their doctrines. She has no major prophecies that have come to pass. They influence people because of their stand against tthe corrupt catholic church, bt so what. That is easy to discern, doesn't make her or their modern Amazing Facts ministry prophetic. However, there is som great prophecy at qwakeup dot org

Is The USA Modern Day Babylon
Yes! The US is indeed Babylon of Rev 18, this by direct from heaven thru Dumitru Duduman's testimony of the angel Gabriel saying th eUS is Rev 18. Any religious people who say other wise are speaking from their lack of due diligence and their ignorance. study qwakeup dot org and your eyes will begin to open.

Demon In My Dream
YES! I know this first hand. Demons can come to us in our sleep. Consider it a test or that you are a threat to the demons. This means you have favor in Heaven. Why would the enemy target you if you were not a threat to him in some way? Shove it back in his face and tell him he's going to tartaroo for 1000 years! Then give God praise and command the demon to bow and worship the Lord!

God Gets Everyone Saved
Man,s free will prevents him from being saved. Without faith, it impossible to please God. The proud he resists.

Creation Week Eons Of Time
because they are trying to fit it into the theory of evolution which requires ions of time, not because of your theological sectarian view

United States In Bible Prophecy
not even under the 10 commandments, under a higher law, the law of life thats in christ Jesus.... let no man judge in respect of new moons, sabbaths, etc for these are just shadowns, butthe reality of those are in Christ.... the sabbath represents the millenial reign. its about Christ not a day of the week

Prepared For Hell
Doctrine of the immortal soul is proven false "54So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: "Death is swallowed up in victory." I Cor 15:54

Will Jesus Come Back by 2050
he will be back possibly 2017-2018
according to the jubille calendar prophecies
google qwakeup

Prepared For Hell
this is misleading - it shouldd read prepare for the 2nd death because as scriputre states, death and hell will be cast intot he lake of fire, whch is the second death and to redefien death to mean eternal life in hell is a dishonest stretch of the intellect. Ths heall doctrine has turned millions from Jesus because its immoral to torment someone forever. God would be breaking his own law, eye for eye, tooth fo tooth, life for life, and no one has forever tormetned anyon ehere on earth, so how they could reap such an immoral and unjust outcome is beyond belief. Repent! Stop keeping people from Christ with your doctrines!

Do Prophets Still Exist
yes! But there are also those who are prophetic, not full fledged prophet. Being prophetic, you may get a dream or vision from God, but doesn't mean you are a prophet. Sometimes watchmen get lots of prophetic, but doesnt mean they are full prophet. God can give anyone of us something prophetic if we have the Holy Spirit

Did Jesus Have Money
YES! The disciples carried around a money bag. They were probably donations from believers

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