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Is Christmas Pagan
Isn't that just awful. Wedding rings aren't mentioned in the Bible either. They are of pagan origin. I hope you're not wearing one.

Is Senator Warren A Native
Now that these women have come out over Trump's sexual improprieties, will he have to resign?

We Need A Church
Good deeds are unimportant. God does not like them. People who do good deeds don't go to heaven. All he is interested in is that we believe the right doctrines. That's all he cares about.

We Need A Church
Joseph Smith died on June 22, 1844, exactly 127 days before October 22, 1844. Sarah was 127 when she died. Persia had 127 provinces during Esther's time. To clinch it, 127 is a prime number. So we have prime evidence that October 22, 1844 was an auspicious date.

Finish Here December 2017
I was interested to learn that abortion did not become illegal in most states in the U.S. until after the Civil War.

Was Hitler A Socialist
What is the spiritual fate aborted babies?

Was Hitler A Socialist
No difference between Nancy Pelosi and Pol Pot. I had no idea.

Feminist Bake Cakes
It's good to find fault with other people. It makes us seem better than they are. Good for the ego.

Let's Comment In Love
This is indeed something to consider.

Was Hitler A Socialist

I was being facetious!

Right Versus Left
Lots of hyperbole floating around this place.

Justice Roy Moore Accusations
Shape-shifting reptilian Hillary was working with shape-shifting reptilian Osama to take over the world. It's amazing the things we do not know about.

Feminist Bake Cakes
An FLDS wedding cake would be made within their community, not bought from a retail bakery.

Was Hitler A Socialist
The name of Hitler's political party had the word socialist in it, so he must have been radical left-wing Democrat.

Are Statues Good Or Bad
To all of you:

This site has been hijacked.

I'll try back in a month or two and see if things have changed at all.

God bless you.

Christians In Politics
A blessed Veterans Day to all of you. Don't forget to remember...

Are Statues Good Or Bad
How to respond to trolls:

Call out their behavior. Many people recommend you simply ignore trolls and dont respond in any way, but this gives the trolls even more power as it gives them the power to silence you.

Instead, ignore the troll but address the problem with the audience in a matter of fact way.

Do NOT respond in a manner that stoops to the trolls level or you risk two outcomes:

1) Feeding the troll and engaging in an unwinnable argument that will escalate, or

2) having the audience see you as another irritant/troll rather than as the balanced, decent and aggrieved party.

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