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Why Is There Pain In The World
You may want to read God's response to Job after Elihu's discourse, then Job's answer to God after being reproved by Him [Job 42:1-16], then God's response & instructions to Job's 'friends' [vs.7-9], finally God's response to true repentence [vs. 10->17, Psalms 34:18, Isa.66:2].

[Wonder why God said nothing to or about young Elihu]? 1Peter 4:11.

God Bless

Why Did God Create Hell
For the same reason mankind created jails, prisons, etc, which no one ever questions!

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
Gordon, what's *your point? Believers in Messiah/Christ Jesus are Heirs, Joint Heirs, Friends, Servants, Children Of God & Christ? *Apples & (cran)apples!

Was not Ishmael also given a blessing as Esau was after he was deceived of his birthright? Remember man's way in Eden's Garden [fig leaves], & Echad/God's way [Innocent (Lamb) animal]?

Adonai was/is more than able to perform what He promised without human interference which is being paid for Big Time to this day?

Was Hagar A Ligitimate Wife
Though a legitimate son of Abraham through Hagar, his 'legal concubine' [not prostitute], Ishmael received his own inheritance as a seed of Abraham from Echad/God, not being the promised son & heir God spoke of through Abraham & Sarai, though 14 years older than Isaac.

Bottom Line? Hagar was Abraham's 'legal' concubine (secondary wife), Sarah was Abraham's legal 'wife'!

Against Flags Or Banners
It's been rightly said flags are banners symbolizing whose authority one is under, answer to, or protects them [Jehovah-Nissi (One of God's seven definitive Names). Exodus 17:8-*15].

I believe it's required by law, rightly belonging in 'any' public buildings over all others! Then again, who knows in today's world. Countless GI's etc, have fought & died for us in America under that flag!

By burning it, you're technically rejecting your American protection.

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Someone told me they kept speaking in 'tongues' while eating hamburger's as a youngster following a youth prayer meeting & could'nt stop [Remember, he was just a kid!]. I know him & the missionary very well. Wonder what box someone will put this true story in without blaspheming God's Harauch HaKoDash/Holy Spirit? I thought of Psalms 2:1-5 while reading the 'logic' over some 'tongues' blogs. Interesting! Romans 11:26-28,29-32,*33-36.

God's Shalom

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Evidence? Evidence? You sound like that fella who wanted Messiah/Christ to entertain him with miracles!

Cloven tongues is mentioned once in my bible, on Pentecost, when the 120 spoke in other 'languages'!

Ever notice it's not written the 3,000 added believers then spoke in 'any' tongues.

Echad/God is GOD To Himself, by Himself, answering to no man, is it not so?

Time to believe Echad/God's Rhema & Logos!

"I [we] walk by faith ..".

God's Shalom

Slain In The Spirit Before
II Tim.2:11-*16,17-21.

Is not Echad/God's Word(s) not a double edged sword [Heb.4:12-13].

God's Shalom

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
"Better to obey God ..". Accurate, scriptural belief's, teachings, manfistations, etc are always discredited by this or that allegation true or not, of church abuse & Haruach HaKoDash/Holy Spirit [if real].

They "know not what spirit they're of"!

Show me a 'system' that has'nt misused churches some way. This was'nt unusual at different times in history.

Were we not warned by Christ & the Apostles about this?

cp. IICor.11:13-15 where applicable!

Slain In The Spirit Before
This subject could hypothetically continue for ever [and probably will til "Shiloh comes"], so I'll just say others & myself experienced & saw this phenomenon of The Holy Spirits power no matter what others say or believe know it's true!

This just may be one more 'greater' work Christ said His followers would do, 'healing' aprons from Paul's body being another!

Bottom Line? Matt.12:22-29,30,'31-32'.

God's Shalom

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
Can 'tongues' be the only 'sign' gift of the baptism in or infilling of God's Spirit? Is 'The' Holy Spirit, Pneuma, Wind, Breath, Comforter, Paraclete of God a 'thing', Person, or spiritual gift? Can a gift of The Spirit be present in someone without The Spirit Of God? Or, are they spiritual manifestations as Paul wrote?

ICor.12:1-6,(7,10-30)31 puts things in proper perspective & order. It's all about edifying one another.

Ever read Rev.4:5 or Rev.5:6, or Gal.5:22-26?


Scared Of The Rapture
Yes & yes to both questions, as do all ".. whosoevers ... " of John 3:16, "true worshippers" of Jn.4:23-24, & doers of Romans 10:8-13.

Thank God Messiah's/Christ's Bride will be SNATCHED before the 31/2 year carnage of the anti-Christ.

Believers will be at Christ's 7 earthly years Marriage Feast In Heaven! Enough to 'shout about' in 'proper' fashion (lol) Praise God!

Praise Echad/God for "The [this] Blessed Hope" [Titus 2:11-14]!

Explain Galatians 2:21
5 stars, berf!

Scared Of The Rapture
Believers will be 'rewarded', not judged at "The Great White Throne Judgement Seat Of Christ Jesus", as all believers from Adam & Eve to the present [as long as the Lord tarries] were judged at His Atoning Sacrifice some 2,000 years ago.

If we are judged along with the world or unbelievers, His sacrifice would " .. have been vain, & we're yet in our sins"!

Iranian President Speaks Out
This world system began at Babel where God expressed His opinion about His 'enemies'. Has God changed His mind?

Only thing left for America to do in this physically manifested spiritual war is complete surrender to the anti(Christians) at home & abroad.

I personally believe the stage is set for the anti-Christ's entrance by worldly denials, attitudes, etc. Regretfully, Israel will be the scapegoat once again!

All this PC reminds me of 2Kings 20:12-20 & Trojan Horses!

Iranian President Speaks Out
Makes no sense to me, 'Christian' or patriotic groups can't speak, somebody will!

Forgot the treaty signed years ago, touting Americans as 'citizens of the world'? No borders, hearings instead of governing, [Blessing in disguise]? Tainted imports, (Ma)Gog flexing their muscles again, compare the media interviewing/speaking to those sworn to kill/destroy us to patriotic groups or 'Christian Fanatics'! Who's forcing/fooling who?

Bottom Line/Good News? Echad/God is still in control!

Disapproving Of Tongue Speaking
There's a reason a person/people resist spiritual & scriptural truths [though I don't believe 'everyone' speaks in 'tongues' when filled or afterwards] as 'one' of the 'fruit' of the spirit. They're more doctrinal than personal in their belief's using 'tainted' scriptures like the one someone 'witnessed'(?) to me out of recently, 'til I got a bible I keep with me to back me up [They left!]. I'm proud to say 'We' never strove, Praise God!


Slain In The Spirit Before
The Master often upbraided some because of unbelief. Unbelief seems to be the main reason He wept, etc.

Nonetheless, Mel Tarai's [Gentle Breeze Of Jesus] book about God's supernatural power & his American airport experience, will help/bless some with open hearts on this matter. Especially stories about his 'proper' church group.

Church's with a "form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof" seem to be the ones having the most internal problems today.


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