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Can Angels Have God's Grace
Ven, I believe the problem here you can't see is even shown in your post to Samuel. No one is accountable to you for their beliefs that you feel superior to scrutinize and pass judgement on. You are not God. You see,that is where you come across as ride and overbearing. I found your challenge to Samuel obnoxious looking for a fight. Don't take the bate Samuel.

Fellowship For Non-Church Goers
Michael_e, does JESUS call it His "second" Baptism? No scripture even refers to any SECOND BAPTISM that Jesus had.

Jesus Himself never asked anyone if they UNDERSTOOD His "second" baptism, and none of the Letters Paul writes even says, ...."we need to understand the difference between Jesus 1st Baptism and His 2nd Baptism. We need to understand Jesus was referring to His death and resurrection in those verses. And we need to know John didn't baptize Jesus to wash away Jesus sins. Jesus was baptized by John as a symbol of His death and resurrection. And you will see Jesus was the ONLY ONE ,who immediately after ,had the Holy Spirit descend on Him.

What Does It Mean To Be Saved
Debbie,#3+ You fail to mention we were also crucified with Christ on that cross. Romans 6 and Galatians 2:20 Colossians Ch 2.
That IS how our life changes...drastically changes.
Colossians says WE ARE DEAD, and our life is hid with God in Christ Jesus. This IS important to walk in the light of these truths.

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