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Churches Not Preaching Salvation
I think a church is out of order if they don't preach, at least once a year, 'What is salvation? What isn't salvation? How can I KNOW that I am saved? What about the goats and the sheep? Who is Jesus talking about when he refers to the ones who call Him Lord but He says He never knew them?

I think churches miss the boat when they don't do this and when they ONLY preach about grace and love, and not about wrath and justice.

After all, WHAT are we being 'saved' from???

There are a whole lot of folk living a wonderful life now without Christ and they will tell you so.

We can't preach and expect folk to understand the 'good' news, if they don't first understand and know about the 'bad' news!

Scriptures Where Races Created
There is one verse (Gen 4:17) 'Cain knew his wife'

The Bible does not actually state that his wife was also his sister, so his wife may have been created by God for him.

It is just an idea, though it sounds strange, but I just mention it as an idea

Christian Embrace Evolution
Warwick: I'd know it depends on what celestial body you were talking from..... on the moon, it's be a total of 708 hours for six days.

On the earth with no sun......


press CTRL/ALT/DEL to restart would be the answer to your question

I Want Some Christian Friends
I want some christian friends too... it doesnt matter to me boy or girl, I would just love to have some people to talk with about how wonderful God is.

Are Televangelists The Annointed
I answer this and many other interesting topics in my new book "Led by Wolves". Check it out on Amazon Books.
God Bless!

Dr. Jack Nelson

Televangelists High Salaries
I answer this and many other interesting topics in my new book "Led by Wolves". Check it out on Amazon Books. God Bless!

Dr. Jack Nelson

Why Was Paul Needed
His sheep hear His Voice and He speaks to us by the word also if you love Him you will keep His commandments===>THE GREAT COMMISION

Explain Matthew 6:28
Gabby is right. It is Matt 16:28.
We can't just look at verse 28 but we have to look at verse 27, also.

Matt 16:27
For the Son of Man is going to come with his angels in the glory of his Father, and then he will repay each person according to what he has done.

So whatever it means when it happens there would be angels present and also the handing out of rewards.

Just like in Rev 22:12
"Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.

Do Guardian Angels Exist

Do you not know that you are protected at night as your sleep from demonic forces that would love the opportunity to slay you where you lie?

God allows bad things to happen to draw us closer to Him as a person or as a nation. If theres no trial or hurt, theres no need for help or healing. When we need those things we can turn to the Lord for them.

God is good. Man is not. We arent puppets on strings. "I want God to control the actions of OTHER people so they dont cause hurt, but not mine." Simply childish thinking. You cant expect only good things to happen in such an evil world full of evil men. If we had all listened to God there would be no pain in this world to begin with.

Is God Cruel And Mean
The torture referred to in the scripture noted is the terrible disappointment of being eternally separated from your creator who

loves you more than you can possibly imagine.
Because you do not accept Christ and His love for you, He will not force you to accept His love.

Metal Music Good As A Christian
The biggest conflict you see here is that the Christian word is to be taken seriously yet with the "flashy", loud sound of rock/metal...some Christians see the message being twisted into more entertainment rather than serious, spiritual reflection.

Some Christian pastors refer to the "giving pearls to the pigs" Bible passage in which they thought they those bands were making a serious message into a entertainment show and not valuing it.

Other Christians, say its no different than other genres of Christian music.

Thus, its about how you are recieving the music. Are you really thinking about spirituality as you are "rocking out"? This is where the answers vary within the Christian community...

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
Yes. People are deceived about what God teaches. God teaches that we MUST judge(discern).. but God teaches us how to judge using his judgements.These men are raping and pillaging our churches and getting away with it. Annanias and Sapphira were struck down dead by the word of God given to Peter the apostle. God is righteous and will repay men like Benny Hinn, RT Kendall and Maurice Cerellos for the evil they have done and are doing. As far as praying the apostle says that there is a sin we must not pray about. Do not pray for people who have committed the unforgiveable sin of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry Or Family First In Life
A spiritual father (can't recall name) said, "If you are conscious of praying, you'r not really praying." He viewed prayer as a way of life where we are appreciative of our God consciousness. I believe we will know God is first in our life when our priorities and realtionships reflect our God consciousness is present. At times we are not consciously thinking "God first", those around us will be touched by our love for and devotion to God--they will see his Spirit permeating our entire being.

Witness To A Jehovah Witness
I think the JW's are doing whats right because if you look at all the evidence thats been popping up and the findings that they have in museums, its obvious that they are teaching from the orginal bible, its just translated into a more understandable form. If people opened up their bible and began to read it. The meaning of the scripture is identical to their bible its just that the wording in your personal bible is different. God does have name and it is jehovah. Lets say you had a friend and you were going to be friends for a very long time. Wouldnt you want to know that persons name? "Lord and God" are only titles.

Is Satan The Cause Of Sickness
Sickness is the result of the Fall. Ever since then, nothing works right in the entire physical universe.

It could be argued that Satan is the ultimate cause of sickness because of this, but it's prideful to think you mean so much to him that he would want to make you sick.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Ask the Lord to help you look deeply at yourself to see what you can improve to become the woman your husband will again love and want.

In such cases, there is usually fault on both sides. My dad left my mother for another woman, but if she had been the right kind of wife, he would not have been tempted to look elsewhere.

Mormons And Joseph Smith
Jim and Sally,
You are pushing the deceptive Satan thing to the limits. If Satan has been busy with all the things Christians say, he has accomplished more then God has here on earth. Fake fossils, fake dinosaur bones, fake ice ages, fake cavemen bones, fake dead sea scrolls, fake gods, fake religions, fake holy books, fake prophets, causes storms, fires, etc. In the Bible he never did any of that. The Old Testament he is only found in the book of Job has Gods helper. In the New he tries to talk Jesus in to doing ridicules things that nobody would fall for. Mormons - man made yes, but give the devil thing a break.

Is There A Poverty Gospel
"If any will come after me, let him deny himself, take up His cross and follow me."

Jesus also told a rich man, "If you will be perfect, sell all you have, give it to the poor, and you will have treasures in heaven."

He said, "It is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven."

"Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air their nests, but the Son of Man does not have a place to lay His head."

What If Big Bang Is True
How do we know God did not use evolution in the Genesis account. One day with God is a thousand years (or more). The oldest written book in the Bible was written in 1,500 BC. The Geneses story was passed down orally for several thousand years before it was written. There are even two variations in the first few chapters.

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