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Can Autistic People Love God
I have autism aspergers syndrome.How can I love god. normal life struggles are hard enough.

If god really loves me why would he give something to disadvantage my life?

I've felt like killing myself so many times before.

People I know are just to immature and don't care and I keep it to myself.

Someone who loves you isn't sposed to make
things more difficiuilt than they already are.

It may seem selfish to you lot but this is how i feel and I can't help it.

If my parents said they loved me but never picked me up when I was down Would that be love?

The Great Falling Away
Catholics thought that during the reformation. I would be pretty unsure if we could call today the great falling away. I might be true, I think we should be living for Christ, serving him in our communities and not worry about the End. I will say that I really don't think it's the Great falling away today, because those that we would call fallen away are actually still searching for God. And many are still finding him (they just don't like how the Church has been in the past,and they have a point)

Differences Of Various Laws
one is moral law the other is social law.

Church Signs Cause Church Growth
I like a good church sign, one that clearly states your times. I don't think the saying has much to do with it. but it needs to be seen. plywood and paint won't cut it. because it looks like a yard sale.

Water Turned Into Wine
Wine in Jewish wedding feasts is very important. it is a cultural thing, Jesus made real wine or else they wouldn't have said that it was good. Remember the Jewish understanding of the drinking of "adult" beverages is vastly different than most Protestant Christians. Why are we imposing on Jesus and the ancient Jews our own personal beliefs when they may or maynot be similar. I'm opposed to drinking yet I do not believe it is in itself a sin. It is only sinful if you abuse it.

What Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
What is a kingdom. it is an area under the influence or direction of a king. the kingdom of Heaven or God is the same thing, and it is now and in the future. Why, because God influences us. Anyone that is mindful of the ways of God and are under His leadership and direction are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. But this kingdom is not land, or anything like that because it is a kingdom that is not bound by boarders, it is a kingdom of ideas, philosophy, theology, faith, and love.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die
The term emmanuel is somthing that I have thought alot about the past few days. It means God with us. Jesus had to die for one very important reason to be with us in life, from birth to death, to what lies beyond death. Jesus became human to redeem humanity to live the perfect human life the one that we were created to live. And by coming living and dying he brings us to himself and lifts us up to be truly and fully Human.

Never Heard Of Jesus Christ
those that have never heard the Gospel will be judge according to their knowledge. What they don't know will not be used against them yet they will not have the joy of living thier life today in the kingdom of God. We can't really say for certainty what God will do to them but God is Just and I'm sure he will judge according to the Love that they have for him and for others even without the knowledge of the one they serve.

Against Flags Or Banners
is the United states more important than God? Is England, France, Germany, Iraq, India or any other nation more important than God? Are Americans more important than Indians or ukrainians? In God's eyes we aren't labled by our nationality so why do we label the church which is God and is international by our nations' symbols. and what do we do when our nation doesn't follow a christian worldview? do we keep putting the flag in the church or do we rise above the nation and join the kingdom of God?

Should We Celebrate Halloween
I think it is perfectly fine to celebrate the defeat of evil and the joy passed on to us by those that have gone before us. which is the truth behind Halloween and all saints day.

Are Denominations Of Satan
Nice question. I think the answer is yes and No. Yes because most denominations started over anger (to be quite honest) the "parent" church wouldn't listen so they left. No because many of the reasons behind the divide were founded on scripture. The denomination divisions are a wedge that is dividing the church. We have them and God can use them, but I sure hope there won't be more emerging.

Should Moderator Answer Questions
A moderator should not express his/her views while bearing the moderator name. a moderator is to be indifferent in a debate. (of course we do know that that rarely happens) Can the moderator be included in the debate sure if they enter as a person and not as the moderator.

Mother Teresa Not Close To God
I'm sure Mother Teresa might have had times in her life where she did doubt her faith, wheither it was real or false, wheither she was true or playing a game. We all do this and to be honest the deeper our relationship with God gets the darker these times are, but the truth is that our faith carries us through the doubt. Jesus carries us in our dark times and we must move through this is the testomony of all saints that had or have doubt or dark days in their journey of faith

Abortion And The Bible
Notlaw, where did you read that? I would like to verify your statement because I have not heard that before. I'm not saying that you are wrong I've just never heard it.

Theophostic Healing Ministry
I don't know what theo is I don't know who used the same name as I did or why it comes up in the list for my name. but it is weird, maybe the blog masters need to make us register to blog or something so people don't get bloggers mixed up.

Parable Of Good Samaratin
This parable tells us many things. The first being just because they look right with God they aren't, and that God will use the most unlikely people to further his kingdom. It is quite funny that Jesus used a Samaritan as the hero. Jesus has a great sense of Humor.

144,000 Jews Or Jehovah Witnesses
this is a symbolic number which represents 12*12*1000, the 1000 represents uncountable in ancient writings, for example the 1000 year Rein of Christ refers to eternity. so the 144,000 is large group of people that are holy to continue the work of God.

Life Forms On Other Planets
Scripture doesn't support this but I'm not sure it would be wrong. God created an entire Universe there isn't anything to say he didn't create more life out there. Scripture is God's revelation here on Earth, we wouldn't have any clue what God is or could be doing on another planet. I'm excited to see just how amazing his universe could be.

Is There A Death Bed Salvation
I think it is clear that deathbed salvation can get you into heaven, if Jesus can take the thief on the cross with him. Water Baptism doesn't save anyone, at most it is a sign of faith or the proclamation of faith. God looks at the heart, not necessarily our actions, although our actions should reflect our faith in God.

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