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How To Become Saved
Then you must repent, or change from you old ways.
some are able to over come immediately, some it takes a lifetime. Don't ever think you are not going to sin again, you still made of flesh remember? just make sure you listen to the Holy Spirit when it moves to guide you. you don't have to get save everytime you sin or Jesus will have to go to the cross again everytime you sin. don't let anyone tell you any differant.

How To Become Saved
One must first acknowledge God is in total control.
Admit you are a sinner,you are made of flesh you can't be anything else.
Ask the Lord to come into your heart and rule your life
Trust God to guide you in every aspect of life.

Jesus Recieves Holy Spirit
At the moment a child is conceived in the womb God puts his hand inside the woman and places the soul, thus when that soul dies God snatches that soul out again. you all are limiting God, God can do anything!
God took a piece of his soul and placed it inside of Mary along with the same ingredients it took to make Adam, thus you have a child made of God and by God. He created Jesus to teach us and sadly dies for us. There was no doubt the HS was in HIM, there was no way it could not be, the baptism was to show us what God would like us to do after we Accept Jesus Christ. to show everyone we accepted his son.
you people are making it to complicated.

Can You Lose Salvation
NO Jesus would have to die on the cross over and ove and over again each time you sin , that is why God cover all sin with the Blood, BUT you must accept and Believe in what he did.

Altar Calls Every Sunday
There are no examples of altar calls or sinners prayers in the Bible and they have only been in widespread use for the past fifty or sixty years. So does that mean that no one was saved before then? I am a Lutheran and we have a confirmation ceremony where we confess our faith. I know some people who go to non denominational churches were members of traditional churches in the past but they never really believed it in their hearts until they came forward. But people can also come forward or say a sinner's prayer a thousand times and if they don't believe it in their hearts, then they won't be saved. The key is to believe in our hearts and confess Christ with our mouths but the Bible doesn't specify one particular way to do so.

Altar Calls Every Sunday
I have never done an altar call and I have never said the sinner's prayer yet I know I am saved.

The altar call and the sinner's prayer are recent traditions that have only become widespread in the last fifty years or so.

Does that mean that no one was saved before then?

I am a Lutheran who believes I am a sinner and that Jesus is Lord and that he died and rose from the dead.

I also have repented for my sins and have been baptized for the remission of my sins and I have received the Holy Spirit.

The altar call and the sinner's prayer are not found in the Bible but I do think they are Biblically based and are a way for people to profess their faith but they are not the only way to do so.

Is A Sinners Prayer Sufficient
I think the sinner's prayer is a way to publically confess one's faith but it not the only way to do so. What bothers me is some people imply that if you don't say it and/or do an altar call, then you aren't saved. That just isn't true as technically neither is even in the Bible.

Husband Prayed To Rosary Beads
Sheena, you need to ask yourself why your asking this question. If you were truly a Christian, you would know that we can only pray to God.

Catholic Worldview Revealed
I would not say alan is an authority on Christianity. Some people leave the Catholic Church for other reasons. Most Catholics do not know the truth and that's sad, because they think they do, and others even believe them. God will reveal His truth.

Jack Chick And Roman Catholics
Jack- Those books don't jive with the rest of the bible. Why put false teachings in there? I believe that the King James version is the most accurate bible. Everybody should read it. God bless the people that read it.

Saved On Your Death Bed
I have had people try to tell me that in the last 30 seconds of their life they could call upon the Lord, not so. if that is the case the faith I have keeped all my life is going to be for not.
Peace be with you.

Once Saved Always Saved
MRS MORGAN! Please stop telling people they can lose their salvation unless you can produce the verse that says I will take your everlasting life from you. You can't just ignore me and say that we are through if you can't produce it! STOP! you are preaching false doctrine!
Peace be with you

Why Do You Think You Are Saved
OK Tina tell me how you would phrase those three examples you gave.
Peace be with you

Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me
Then why is he your boyfriend still? tell him to take a hike.
Peace be with you

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