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Pay Debt Or Tithe is still His money and we should be good stewards.for those who can be trusted with little will be given more .

Biden To Spilt Israel
These are all signs of the ever-impending Rapture, Israel is more isolated, a unified Europe, Russia,China (Gog/Magog) unite and prepare war against Israel, United States is preparing for a unified Americas, then "New World Order." There can never be peace with a shared Jerusalem, their ends are at cross-purposes. Pres. Ahmadenijad, believes Israel,"Satan" & America," Great Satan" must be destroyed, and he is willing to kill every Iranian to achieve it. No matter what comprise is made, when it comes to Israel and America, for Muslim extremists, only then will their savior or "mahkdi" come. Attempts to placate him are misguided at best.

Last Days Deceptions
I firmly believe that if one is careful, they will discern who is evil and who is not. Discernment is a gift of the spirit and instead of praying to speak in tongues or other such nonsense the prudent christian would pray for this gift, thank god for it and then trust god's gift to have it work.

Was The Virgin Mary Sinless
People actually believe that Mary was sinless? She was human! Of course she sinned. Someone asked "why would God choose her above everyone else unless she was without sin?" That's your "proof" that she was sinless? Really? Why does God choose ANY of us to do His work? And I don't understand the logic in the theory that God saved her from sin at her conception because she had to be a pure vessel to be able to carry His Son. Why on earth would He have to make Mary perfect when He was already perfect in her? Do you honestly believe that her sin could've tainted GOD? He's God! He can't be tainted! That's like saying you have to wash your hands before you touch the soap so you don't get any germs on the soap. LOL!

Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
um... I just read through this whole thing looking for answers... and I just happened to notice Sophia posted this three and a half years ago... what ever happened ? Did Sophia take him back ? ...

Roman Catholic Abuses
Its sad to see all those people who have suffered from the abuse the bad apples (priests) in the church. Yes they are priests but they are also human who is not without sin. Same as preachers, ministers and all others who are men of God who lead a flock. There is no greater punishment than what they will receive on judgment day if they are not truly sorry. One group of bad apples should not reflect the entire church. Let us understand we are all working to the same ending to be with the lord when our time comes it is not for us to say whos way is better as long as we follow the lord to best of our abilities.

Who Is The One True Church
Hey Nicole,
You abolutley family is no different. We will argue one day and be lovey the next all part of being only human. Hope you have a great day :0).

Who Is The One True Church
Hello I'm new to this blog after reading the blogs I just wanted to share a few thoughts. This should be a place where believers of Christ can come together and discuss/share information without being defensive. You never know when you will help someone new or inspire someone who is struggling or in search of faith. No one really knows their destiny but its better to live in belief, love, and faith of GOD, Christ, and Holy Spirit and live the best life you can through Holy Trinity. We all have many questions and interpretations I have learned in my journey in seeking a better relationship with Christ that most of my peace comes through prayer. Hope these few thoughts bring light. Peace to all

Diabetes In Children
Unfortunately, yes. Children get diabetes. The juvenile type is worse than what adults get (type II). Part of the problem is kids don't want to be limited in their diet. They can't accept that they can't eat sweets and junk like other kids, but it is crucial they follow a strict diet. An adult usually has more discipline in that regard. My cousin was diagnosed at age 9. He took insulin shots immediately. He didn't live a long life, by mid 20s he needed a kidney transplant. This is not to be taken lightly. Get a second opinion if it makes you feel better, but the signs are usually unmistakable -- constant thirst, increased appetite, fatigue, frequent urination, and the urine has a strange almost fruity odor to it. .

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
It says you can let him depart.(separate) not divorce. Your husbands salvation should be important to you if you ever loved him at all. It is entirely possible for God to restore your marriage and bring your husband back to you AND to God. You need to pray for your marriage and your husband and wait to see what God can do...if you let Him. God's first priority is not our happiness, it's our holiness, our happiness is added to us when we follow Him and allow Him to work in our lives.

Praying For A Good Wife
I can see that you have received lots and lots of advice. Some scriptural, some not. All with good intentions, I imagine. All I have to offer you is a hug (((((HUGS)))))
God is faithful and WILL come through for you. Never get tired of doing what is good, my friend.

Forgive A Wife's Affair
I've been there... as the wife that acted wrongly. I'd give anything for my husbands forgivness. Instead he's trying to figure out if he even wants to be here. I love him. Don't give up. She'll come around.

I Hate My Husband
I know how you feel. Married for 9 years and I swear I have to be invisible. I am at home with 3 kids, but that's hardly work in his eyes. He goes in at 3 or 4 am and comes home by 6pm. Divorce would leave me in worse situation than currently in. In the past 5 years he's only taken me out 2 times. I have nothing in common with him besides kids and I hate him more than I ever loved him.

How To Respond To Pain
God cured my chronic pain from Fibromyalgia by leading me to get the generic drug for Celexa. Thank you Jesus!

He Will Not Marry Me Quickly
Hi Joan. First of all, I guess we all need a little more detail. Are you guys in a dating realtionship? What do you mean by talking? Have you guys only coversed via e-mail and phone. The most important thing is to take this concern to the Lord in prayer, and see what he has to say about it. The Lord will perfect that which concerns you. Be willing to surrender this to the lord, he will direct your paths. God Bless

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