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How Much Oil Is Left
If American's tapped our resources, we could live completely independent of foreign energy.
---Jed on 9/27/11
I challenge you to show one authoritative source supporting your statement and stating that it is practical.
---Rocky on 9/27/11
Jed, I am still waiting for your support for your outrageous statement on 9/27. You rake me over the coals for saying you lied and distorted truth but you have provided no support to show you were right in your original post or that I was wrong. You should show support that you were right or quit attacking me for correctly pointing out your lies and distortions.

Divorce In Process Visits
The act/fruit and person/tree are unified.
---Trav on 9/21/11
God judging Esau in the scripture you quoted does no show that you have the power or the right to judge other people. You misapply scripture again, and are wrong again. The other ones you quote, about doing evil and hating false ways, only condemn your error of misapplying the first. So the three scriptures you cite are all to the condemnation of the words you write.

Pay Debt Or Tithe
Andy, I see what you are saying about Abraham tithing to Melchisedec (Heb7:2) and Jacob choosing to tithe (Gen28:20) and the difference between the faith and the law (Heb7). Matthew23:23 confirms only that scribes and Pharisees tithed, but this would have been under the old law, it addresses faith but not as a tithe. Luke11:24 is not about tithing at all. Acts2:44,45 & 4:32-37 are not about tithing but communal living, as covered in my last post. So I do see your inspiration for tithing and commend you for it. I see nothing by way of commandment to all, but then he that only does what is commanded is a slothful servant. Thank you for your response.

Are Male GYN Biblical
Francis: Yes, you addressed the sin issue that a woman must obey her husband. But you have not addressed the issue if the husband is right in thinking it a sin to see a male gynecologist. And you have not provided a reasonable response to many other questions I raised about your statements, For instance, please cite a source for - A husband has EVERY BIBLICAL right to be jealous over his wife. What about the sin of the husband in not loving his wife enough to honor her choice? Why have you not addressed his responsibility to address his own hang-ups? Or issues raised about your interpretation and generalization about Numbers 30? Why did you change terminology from command to make reasonable requests?

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