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Finish It Here June 2017
There are a lot of interesting replies here - thanks!

Christians Who Judge Others
The man is not really a Christian.

Tithe Your Money Or Else
You are in the wrong Church. God exalts, not men. And a minister of the Gospel shouldn't give to the church (bldg) anyway. Show me where Paul did or any of the rest of the Apostles. Tithing for NT believers is unScriptural. It's bondage under the law and traditions of men.

Don't Be Harsh With Each Other
I know that some may think that the WWJD accronym is over used but if it prompts us to stop and think - "What would Jesus do?" before acting it is useful!
The key to success is getting to know who Christ is and how he behaves so we can strive to be Christ like. When we operate on our own we often operate in biased ways! The famous conflict between flesh and spirit!

Living With My Fiance
I wanted to say something else. You can never get your fiance to become a Christian. Only God can change a person's heart to accept Jesus. Your job is to show him what being a Christian looks like thru your life and God may choose to use this with other things to draw your fiance to Him. By living with Him u r showing him that u really dont put God 1st and if ur not showing him that, ur not showing him what being a Christian really means. Therefore God can't help u.Its best to move out & tell him if he accepts Christ & u marry, u will move back in.

I Am Confused About Life
I encourage you to look in to contacting a Christian Life Coach. I am one but I cant post anything specific about myself on this blog. One thing I can say is that a good Christian Coach will set u quickly on target to realize the life God has planned for u. This is assuming u are stable emotionally and have a true desire to work with God and the Holy Spirit thru your coach with prayer and the Bible and some goal setting, etc. Please research carefully & dont accept anyone that mixes worldly wisdom with godly precepts. I wish u the best.

Step Father To Spank Kids
Do what you feel is right.

Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
I understand how you feel. I am 5 years widowed now. I miss my husband. My husband was young when he died, 48. I was 47. We have a 17-year-old son, he was 12 when his dad died. Everytime I feel that desparate need for companionship I pray, "I only want your will in my life Lord. No matter how it feels right now, in my spirit, I really only want your will." I pray that to the Lord all the time. Even if it means that I am alone from now on. His will really will bring true happiness. Just remember, he promises to give us our heart's desires. I too get really down sometimes. I miss that life we had,but it is getting easier. Just keep on keeping on with the Lord. He is there with you. Who knows, you may have met your husband already.

Daughter-In-Law Problems
I feel for you and understand. My DIL does not allow me to see my beautiful grand children. We live in two different states. She's changed her phone numbers and email address and claims she's moving. The only people who are hurting are the grand children.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
Perhaps I am different than all of you. I have never been married. But I was engaged for 3.5 years to a great man who taught me a lot about the Word of God. However, I broke up with him in a cold-hearted way because I lost patience with the wait for marriage. He tried to revive the relationship for a year, but I was distracted by a crush on another guy. My ex and I remained friends, even talked about other people in our lives. But after all these years, I am not a better person for having left him, and I still love him. I simply am not interested in marrying anyone else. I have a great job, good money, nice house. But I'd rather be with him! I'd rather retain the memory of us and remain single. Should I move on, even if I don't really want to?

Help With Husband's Anger
I understand the feelings that you are having. I am ending a 16 year marriage due to my husbands verbal abuse toward my daughter (17) and myself. When you see the affects that your husbands behavior has on your children it gets easier to make the decision to seperate. God calls us to seperate ourselves from people acting ungodly especially if it affects our spiriual walk with HIM. I will say that once I was able to remove my husband from our home and provide an emotionally stable environment for my children we all felt as if we could finally take a deep breath. Ask yourself this, is it better to have your children from a broken home or in a broken home? They are learning life lessons!

Is There Everlasting Hell
The reason I have doubts as to an eternal hell is John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Also the Scriptures say, The gift of God is eternal life.
I believe there is a hell up to the final judgement. In Revelations - death and hell gave up their dead...this is the second death.

Further in Revelations...and death and hell were cast into the lake of fire.
I believe there is a place called Hell until the final judgements. Then I believe that only the believers are given the gift of eternal life.

Book Of Mormon
John T - Christians believe that Moses parted the Red Sea, Noah built a big ship and saved humanity per the instruction of God, Jesus was born of a virgin, fed the masses with two loaves and two fish, raised the dead, rose from the dead himself...many seemingly unbelievable stories are told in the Bible! Mormons believe those stories as well. We also believe that a 14 year old boy saw two personages when asking in prayer which church to join and you think that's out of the realm of possibility? Interesting.

Book Of Mormon
John T - Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon, he didn't write it. The passages you point out to undermine the book are meaningless. I'm always intrigued by people who try to tear the book down by using passages like these and completely ignore the message of the book. I have read the Book of Mormon and it witnesses the miracles of Jesus Christ over and over again! You repeatedly try to disparage Joseph Smith as if he is the one Mormons worship. We recognize Joseph Smith as a prophet - just as we recognize Abraham, Moses, Noah, etc. as prophets. If you read the BOM just once without trying to find evil in it you just might recognize it for what it is - another witness of Jesus Christ.

Churches Of Revelation
Remember, there are so many layers to the Revelations. I think the seven churches mentioned were the seven churches that existed, and also could very well be seven church ages.... But also further more, what church are you. In your personal life, walk with God. There are "seven churches" on the spiritual level as well. God works in multiple layers. The seen and the unseen. There is a deep meaning to be understood by studying the seven churches, historically and spiritually.

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
The Antichrist will not come in on the scene talking about saving Israel or have anything to do with security. Rev. 6:2 "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow, and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." The Antichrist comes on the scene conquering. The 7 year "peace" contract has more to do with false hope of stability that actual peace. He makes it with the world, more than likely through the UN, not just Israel.

Explain The End Times
When Jesus said "it is finished" on the cross meaning that we were all bought and paid for by His blood. If we come to God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ who shed His blood we don't have to be eternally seperated from God. But future events that are to happen is to bring about a final end to Satan and his hold on God's people. To stop to world of pain and death, which God never intended for us to begin with. God always intended eternal life in Him in peace and without pain or death.

Can Satan Be Everywhere
Only God is omnipresent. Satan can not be in 2 places at the same time. Satan can go to and fro, from one place to another, and probably do it by the speed of light. Satan is not all powerfull like God. So even though he is an immortal being, he is just an angel, he is not God.

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