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Jesus Crucified On Thursday
It was on a wednesday.

Is President Bush A Christian
The sheep(believers) are now being separated from the goats(non-believers). Soon it will become apparent who the true believers (Christians) are. The non-believers are going to label Christ, the Messiah, as the anti-christ.

Explain Tears In Revelation
The tears are as a result of rejecting the Son of man's second coming, and will flow when He is revealed to all the world.

2008 Closer To Tribulation
We are on the brink of a major world crisis.
It is later that most believers realise.

What Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
The Kingdom of Heaven is the mindset that perceives reality. To be connected to the Great Spirit, our Father in heaven.

Is Capital Punishment Biblical
Capital punishment is not biblical.

What Does Born Again Mean
To be born again means to die to the false world which has been impossed upon us. To move from an irrational human being to a rational human being. To restore one's reason.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die
The Son of man had to be crucified so that there can be no doubt that the world cannot accept Him(Truth). This opened the door for sinners to confess in faith that they have rejected(crucified) Him, so that they can repent, and be saved by grace.

What Must I Do To Be Saved
In order to be saved a person needs to confess in faith, that he is a sinner, having rejected the Truth(Jesus), and show real remorse, by asking for forgiveness.

Are Infants Born Idolaters
Man is born into a corrupt world system and during the first year of his life he falls from grace and becomes an idolator. The newborn infant is without blemish.

Daniel The Prophet
Rebecca is spot on.

Biblical Examples Of Depression
Depression is a symptom of an irrational mindset(being lost). The only cure is to become born again.(converted)

Manic Depression Daughter
Catherine is correct.

When Is Jesus Returning
It is written that nobody knows the time of the return of the Son of man, not even the Son of man himself, only the Father knew.

Who Are The Four Beasts
The four beasts are the four personality types of natural(lost) man. The elders are symbolic of the elect.

Jesus Comes As A Thief
The first relates to His coming, the second refers to the time when He is revealed.

Is This The Last Generation
Yes this is the sevetieth(last) generation.

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