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Global Warming Agenda
The pope is siding with the liberal/communism agenda just as Obama and the UN. The liberal/communism mind thinks that man could make the world a better place by putting their faith in science and technology. Man cannot avert end time prophesies from being fulfilled.

The duty of the true christian is to preach the gospel (the coming Kingdom of God and how to get there)just as Jesus and the apostles taught - not get caught up in the ways of the world.

Science And Evolution Conflict
Deputy: It's the year 2500. Archaeologists found a salads only restaurant in Los Angeles. They surmised, like they usually do, that all the people in Los Angeles ate salads.

In today's world, we humans are too incredibly intelligent for our own good. We are able to take a couple of verses from the Bible an interpret it in any way that meets our objective - to convince another person how smart we are.

Science And Evolution Conflict
Scientists have even gotten to the point where we can surmise the eating habits of animals living thousands of years ago. They can even surmise the emotions of these animals and humans. I'm not saying that you're wrong, nor if you are right.

But the same for the Christians. They surmise the future as they do the past - the rapture, the two witnesses, the number 666, the antichrist, etc. Only a handfull of Christians today know the absolute truth.

2008 Mark Of The Beast Mandatory
Faye: "I have no doubt the miracles I have seen are from God. No doubt. I know that I know." Even the elect could be decieved if that were possible.

It's good to be a skeptic, especailly in today's world where highly evolved, knowledgable Christians think they know the truth. In the End, it will be Christians will turn on Christians. They are the modern Pharasees (knowledgable but don't do) and the Jews (blinded by the signs of the end)

What Is The RCC
Ruben: We are all dead both the living and the dead. there will be a time when the dead shall rise and live again for only those who walk the path of God, obey all his commandments. Even though people are dead now that doesn't mean forever. they will surely live as plain as the nose on your face. That's the great news. That's the Gospel.

Is This The Anti-Christ
Kay: If the rapture is totally Biblical, why do so many Christians debate it? The rapture theory causes divisions among Christians so how could it be a Christian doctrine? There are at least four different rapture theories which one is it? Is it really something to debate over? What does Jesus say is more important, debating doctrine or helping people and being the light of the world. Any debate over doctrine shows the world how arrogant Christians are.

Which Day Is The Day To Worship
Lee: Not to seem impertinent, but you really ought to read the Bible from beginning to end which will lay a strong foundation for the NT. The NT lays a foundation into Christianity. You wouldn't build a house starting from the roof, would you? Of course not. You begin with the foundation. When reading the Bible don't use any concordances, novels, or other Christian reference books - just you and the Holy Spirit. It's amazing how the story reveals itself.

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