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Why Can We Eat Swine
The truth is people know that not everything is good, like a poison snake, a spider, a rat, Man does not want to let God tell him what he can and cannot do! Man know that there are things he must not eat,But he would rather choose for him self. God has declared unclean are just that. He is the same God today, and he CAN NOT lie.

Giving, Tithing And Offerings
God almighty has all power. He can and will bless any person or nation that obeys him, keeping his solemn promise to bless those who faithfully pay him the tithe that rightfully his. Remember, God.... cannot lie. Titus 1:2. And the scripture cannot be broken.Somewhere on earth are true ministers of God,by there fruits you will know them.

Is The Anti-Christ Alive Today
1john2;18. we have seen what the bible says about the antichrist. We should note that john was inspired to write that even now, many antichrists have come.Antichrist does not apply solely to the false prophet, though he will certainly be the leading spokesman teaching the doctrines of antichrist.vv 22-24.

Okay To Baptise 9 Year Old
I agree with you bill, about chidren baptizing, they must first have an understanding, of what it means on there on, not because there family said it,s time.

What Is The Spirit Of Anti-Christ
jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day for their hypocrisy. Those ecclesiastical figures made a pretense of being godly, yet refused to follow the spiritual intent of gods law, jesus attributed to them satan,s own character, using the analogy that since their father was satan. like father, like son. The devil is a liar a murder, so who should be surprised if his children do the same, preaching a perverted gospel of deception and falsehood.

How Can God Send People To Hell
In malachi 4;1-3, We read a God of love, not a God of torment, Only satan and his demons, and false prophets will go to the bottomlest pit. God do not torment anyone. The wicked will be ashes under our feet, the will no more,The WICKED, And there is the 1000 years with christ, when satan will be lock up revelation20;3, and will be let out after the 1000 years are finish,many will be saved who never did heard the gospel will have a chance. 2 corinth, false ministers.

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts
We all have diffrent gifts, The greatest gift is love, followed by faith and hope. There are many gifts in 1 corinth 12; 29-30-31.

What Are You Believing God For
Real purpose for humanlife; Being sons of God, Romans 8;14-18 1john3;1-3.

Whites And Blacks Date
Remember our first parents? As christians there is no black, white, red, ect. We all must love one and all. The greatest gift God give to us is LOVE, followed by faith, then hope. Hope for his coming when we all will live together as one, with our king. JESUS.

Where are the deaths in Christ
In the book of revelation 20 and 21, When we die our breath our spirit goes back to god, untill, christ returns. Remember when god created adam, he breath into his nostril and he became a living soul, well that same breath goes back to him who made us all, untill jesus returns. So we sleep, we are unconscios, we know nothing untill he comes.

Are There Perfect Christians
2 Timothy 3 16,17. The scriptures is given by inspiration of god, profitable for doctrine,reproof, correction, for instruction in righteousness. That the man of god may be perfect, throughly furnish unto all works.

Who is Bishop Eddie Long?
I agree with you rick, Millions have been decieved. Matthew 15;14 They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.Revelation 13;13; 19;20. Miracle-working false prophet.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Just as the bible say,s, The seventh day is the sabbath, No where in the bible has sunday. God would have told us. Jesus him self before he died would have said, it would be change, but he him self kept the 7th day sabbath. It is the same God yesterday, today, and forever.

What Day Is The Sabbath
We wont go to live in heaven,we will know and see the heavens, But not live there with christ, read the book of Revelation very carefuly you will see we will be living right here on earth, a new heaven and a new earth. Gods kingdom will come down from heaven to us. Read the hold book of revelations and many other scriptures for understanding.

Responsiblities Of Pastor's Wife
We the people are the church,one body in christ, A building wont save us, Keeping gods comandments and laws will helps us gain the coming kingdom. Serving him in truth. Baptize and recieving of the holy spirit.

What Is The Da Vinci Code
Yes, i agree, The evil one and his demons are out there and everywhere, decieving many even many who call them selfs christians, and dont know it.

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