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Slain In The Spirit Real
Leon I have already given scripture reference to that, many of you do not believe scripture no matter how much I give you, you just believe your little pharasitical veiws. none of the people that went backwards to the ground John18:6 were christians. But they acted a lot like some of you do toward the Holy Spirit. I hope God views some of you as ignorant and not as blaspheming. gainsayers mouths can be shut by the Holy Spirit.

Why The Sabbath Is A Big Deal
Ex.16:29 abide ye every man in his place, let no man go out of his place on the seventh day. God did not command people to go to church or temple on the sabbath but stay home and do no work and this would be obedience or faith he required as worship.

Slain In The Spirit Real
John 18:6 As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground. The enemies of Jesus were slain in the Spirit, this is a sign that no one can over power him he willingly gave his life and is still a witness to those who are slain that he has power over your life if you will surrender but every knee will bow none the less.

Was Mary Always A Virgin
Rev 1:6 says we are kings and priests in Jesus. John 17:21 says we are one with the Father Like Jesus is one with him, Eph.1:4 says we are Holy but I am not going to pray to you and you better not pray to me the same goes for Mary .

Must We Have Faith For Healing
This is a subject that cannot be covered in 85 words, A person does not need faith to be healed but the person praying for them does and their faith can be nothing more than a prayer or anointing with oil or using the name of Jesus. A rhema word is all a person needs to minister healing, because faith comes when you hear the word spoken to you. To be a minister of healing to people you need authority and it comes from Jesus.

Does Jesus Have Mary's DNA
Jesus is the Son of God. You have to believe that to be saved, Jesus is a Man, an Angel could not die for your sins,Nor could the Father,he cannot die, Only a man could pay the penalty but he could not be of Adams seed or sin would be in his blood, He had his Fathers Blood the life is in the blood and he was made of the woman, He was her seed, God made a woman surpass a man concieving witout his seed, The Father is in Jesus, he is not the Father, he is the Son of God.

Christian Rock Music OK
Anything the Devil does is evil he can transform himself into the best preacher you ever heard, But whatever Jesus is doing is never evil makes no difference what kind of music it is, if it gives glory to God it is of God. Jesus is the Rock if we sing about Jesus thats Rock Music. The pharasees said Jesus was of the devil because he did Good on the sabbath, he said you Know a tree by it,s fruit.

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