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Are Televangelists The Annointed
The "anointing" of God is nothing to be boastful about. God does not like the pride of life..He is no respecter of persons..Judgement will begin in the house of God.

Will Pets Be Raptured Too
My pets will be left behind, with me, praise God. Just like Noah. He had lots of pets, Left Behind..

Can Christians Get Sick
Christians do get sick in the flesh, There faith (laying on of hands etc) using herbs, belief, prayer,etc heals us. Eloy, have you ever been sick?

How Do I Get To Heaven
Become Born Again Spirit Filled. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness.

Are Rebuking Ministries Good
"Rebuking Ministry"? That's a new one! There is nothing new under the Son. Jesus rebuked evil spirits, and they came out..Is this what your friend has in mind? Is your friend Spirit filled?

Can Christians Lie
If you believe that Jesus is the great physician, and you are healed, give a good report..

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