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Church Signs Cause Church Growth
The Son Also Rises, Keep Christ in Christmas, Jesus is Just a Prayer Away, Join Us in Praising God, now I have seen many signs, I look for them. I think that they are welcoming people into the church and trying to let people know they care.

Meaning Of Numbers In The Bible
Well I believe that numbers are like music...universal language. Tree stands for the Godhead (trinity) Father, Son and Holy Ghost, the three sixes are supposed to refer to the mark of the beast and the most important one, used more than anything is one..One True God!

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
Hi Mary, sis, there is a void there where your husband was. I would suggest that you make some new friends and most importantly...pray to God to ease your loss sis, He can do all things, friends help, more importantly God helps..He works in mysterious ways, God bless and keep you, Deb
ps, try becoming a volunteer at a hospital or hospice, maybe something in the community.

Was The Blood Of Jesus Human
Well even without evidence, i trust God when He said He sent Jesus here to live as I would most definitely say that yes it was human blood...he spilled it too. Also remember we are made in God's image.

I Used To Love My Husband
Well, you probably don't hate him sis, just his actions. Men and women don't think alike. Communication is usually the biggest problem between a couple. Prayer together is most definitely a need. My advice would be to pray to God for help sis. Ask God to help your hubby realise what you are trying to ask of him, and stand fast, God doens't anser in our time but His.

Older Men Handle Younger Women
I agree with Paul James, society has put too much into the way people look. The heart is what is most important. History shows older men and younger women marriages all through it. These marriages were also found in the Bible. Maybe it all has to do with a man being the head of the house. They are older and know more than young women, in other words they should be old enough to *lead* the household. Just a thought.

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