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Speaking In Tongues From Satan
oneismanifest with 'speakingintongues' while edifyingGod.This gift isreceived by the person who is truly worshipping. One cannot claim to have receieved this gift anyhow, for it is divine in nature.Ihave seen a person manifest with this gift, hewasnt uttering gibberish.He was on his knees and hands raised up, he spoke in a language never heard of,there was also a person ministering theprayer session where he wasinterpreting what was being said. This person who was manifest told us ofthe joy and peace that came to him as a result of speaking in the tongue.Theso called praying in tongues what is seen today in many circles is gibberish.One can pray in tongues only after having received the gift of speaking in tongues which is divineandcomesfromGod

Will Pets Be In Heaven
this blog kinda makes me laugh . hehe

Why Didn't God Kill Satan
that which is spirit cannot be destroyed.
man is physical and composed of the soul and spirit. the spirit is immortal.
God is also spirit. God is eternal.
The spirit that God giveth man is also eternal. Satan being and angel is also spirit. He will be cast into the Lake of Fire at the appointed time.
Men dies once and then comes judgement, whereafter he goes to Heaven or is damned eternally to Hell. the spirit is never destroyed for it cannot be.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
It is okay to consume wine in moderation,
however binging over substance leads to serious addiction and i truly belive that this is not permissable... because greed in itself is SIN. The Old Testament clearly states the use of wine in moderation, however excess and drinking leading to utter drunkenness leads to a man's distruction.

Why Didn't God Kill Satan
the Lord created us in his image and likeness , this also means he gave us a conscience to discern between good and bad, man has free will , when satan tempts us, it is we who give into temptation thereby resulting in sin,
everything in God's plan has a purpose
He alone is right.
Man has the power to resist temptation but instead loves the pleasure of sin.

It is also said that those who love sin and do not repent will be cast into the lake of fire

the bible says that at the end of the age, satan will be cast into the lake of fire

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