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Can A Divorced Woman Remarry

Do you realize a person in sin, even a backslider is dead as has already been stated?
Do you realize that fornication/adultery in the old testament includes idols that come in between the marriage union?
Drugs, alcohol abuse, material wealth. The love of these things is adultery/fornication in the eyes of God.. If a man has done or is doing these things and does not stop and repent of them, the wife has the right to divorce. They are not to be held in bondage to the sinner. According to God, she is FREE. You can say what your interpretation is but it does not fly when the word of God says opposite of what you are trying to get across.

Husband Doesn't Want Son
I think ginger means that The Prodigal son tells us to love our children regardless and to let them come back whether they need our help or not.
The point of that Story is unconidtional LOVE that was shown by the father.
That is what it has to do with this conversation. Aparently, people don't have that towards their children anymore.
They don't want to compromise, they don't want to love. Just tell them to get out at 18 and don't come back. See it all the time.

Can Gentiles Go To Heaven
Ezekiel 16:60
Nevertheless I will remember my covenant with thee in the days of thy youth, and I will establish unto thee an everlasting covenant.//
Yes, and the original covenent was with the original branch- Israel(11 tribes) & Judah (the 12th tribe).
The wild branch is NOT lost Israel. They are some of the original branches spoken of that will be grafted back in.
The wild branch is the gentiles whether you like it or not.
The new Covenant is through the SEED- Jesus - unto ALL mankind. Not just the original branches - Israel and Judah but to include the wild branch- Gentiles!
Brother do even notice the scripture you placed condemns your wrong thinking?
Renew your mind with the washing of the water of the word!

Can Gentiles Go To Heaven
Well, Trav, that ain't Christ teaching you, brother because Christ is not prejudice, racist, nor sexist.

I am seeing a serious evil spirit teaching you this false mess and you need to rebuke it.
Again, there are 3 parts not 2. And Jesus says he came to his own- Israel and they rejected him.
2-Israel (some branches broken off)
= original branch

= Wild branch grafted in
Simple as 1,2,3.

Never seen anyone so blinded by pride in my life.
Make us men look bad and ignorant, brother. No wonder why women are teaching and preaching now. Men like you don't get it. You want to make your own doctrine to encompass your prejudices.

Can Gentiles Go To Heaven
Let me break that Hebrews scripture down for you brother.
There are 3 parts NOT 2.

Original branch has 2 parts.
1 = Judah, 2= the other 11 tribes of Israel's 12.

3rd part is the wild branch NOT part of the original branch Which is 2 parts- Israel and Judah.

Original branches broken off-Israel.

Have you got that so far?

3rd part which was NOT part of the original branch is currently being grafted into the original branch (Israel-Judah). They are the gentiles NOT part of Israel's 12.

Wild branch grafting in- gentiles.

Check with your teacher. The doctrine you are trying to peddle is....FALSE.
Worse than the women you condemn..trying to speak knowledge when you don't have it.

Can Gentiles Go To Heaven
Has anyone thought about what Jesus said about the propets?
Didn't he say HE is the fulfillment of everything the prophets said?
I believe he did.
So, why are people trying to peddle the mess that what the prophets said was not fulfilled or that Christ is still looking for the lost sheep of Israel?
Why are some not looking at the fact that Jesus came to his own..THE LOST SHEEP and they rejected him?
Come on, when a man is giving scripture he should utilize all of scripture not just the bits and pieces that please him.
Israel is still israel, they are not the wild branch. that is the gentiles. Israel is the original branch. Again, look at all scripture.
The story of the prophets hve been fulfilled already! by Christ!

Israel Same As Bible
"Physically YES
Spiritually NO"
---francis on 2/4/10

We have a wonderfully correct answer from Francis

He's Twice My Age
I believe it is wrong. That could be my own problem however, there will be people who don't approve. Some will be your family... some will be his... some will act happy for you and secretly think it's disgusting...I imagine most will. There was a couple that just got married...her 19, him 29 and I heard what they didn't. If you truly feel this is who God wants to be your husband than you won't care what others think. I imagine it's not God's choice otherwise you wouldn't have asked.

He's Twice My Age
To expand on my own personal beliefs... I think it is wrong mostly because alot of people want younger mates for the wrong reasons. It makes them feel young, they look good, they are proud they got someone much younger than them, they are middle-aged and haven't grown up yet or are still acting like a high schooler, they want to control the younger person or mold them, the list goes on and on. Where would we be at if we all dated people half our age.

He's Twice My Age
If a guy dates an 18yo & he is much older, I wonder how young he would go if it wasn't illegal? Some people have issues they need 2 deal with. Younger women esp. don't assert themselves & r very easy-going with an older man. Some men take advantage of this instead of learning how 2 get along & compromise w/their mate. In Biblical times it was acceptable. It's not now. Much the same as cultures where it's acceptable for men 2 hug & means something different if done where it isn't a social custom.

Are Annulments Biblical
What about not consummating a marriage? I appreciate all the responses however, I just want to know everyone's opinion about ending a marriage through annulment that was never consummated esp. non catholics (since I found some info on the catholic beliefs)

Are Annulments Biblical
Consummate=2 bringsomething 2 its completion.Marriages r consummatedwhen intercourse has takenplace after the ceremony.In some theologies a marriage is not a bindingcontract until & unless it has beenconsummated. W/in the Catholic Church a marriage that has not yet beenconsummated regardless thereason can B dissolved. Inability or an intention 2 refuse 2 consummatemarriage is probablegrounds for an annulment.There havebeen SupremeCourt rulings that a marriage could B declared null &void if notconsummated.

Are Annulments Biblical
how do we know "God puts together" two ppl in marriage? Perhaps they aren't joined completely until the marriage is consummated. I guess no one else has heard that a marriage isn't complete until it is consummated. I thought the definition of the word implies that but I will look it up.

Are Annulments Biblical
if the marriage isn't consumated (no oral or intercourse), you still can't get an annulment? Has anyone heard that a marriage isn't complete until it is consumated?

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