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Will God Forgive A Divorce
I can only tell you about my hell on earth and how unjust we getting married was. My wife has never allowed our marriage to be head of house, her and her daughters have their own ways and I am not a part of it and if I ever tried to correct the now 17 year old daughter, I was told I was being to harsh and mean. All I ever wanted was respect like the respect was given, but the wife has chosen to hide things behind me back etc. You tell me, is it fair to live in hell when both go to church and one cannot do their ministry because of the other?

Can Objects Bring Demons
I had a Quezalcaotl statue in my room, and I was bothered by demons. Demons try to scare you and get in your face, I just tell them I'm not afraid because God is with me. But another thing they do is make you have nightmares and not be able to wake up, instead just go into another nightmare. They've been bothering me a while and I've tried to cast them out in Jesus name. I just realized that little statue thing was in my room, it had like fallen from the wall and was under like a desk. I was asking God for help and I looked down and saw it facing me, feathered serpent. Do you think that thing was bringing me problems? And after you are affected can it follow you to other houses?

Mohammed The Prophet
jesus is my lord and saviour

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Iam available for that solution please if the church is lacking the pastor.

Why Was The Apocrypha Removed
Jeff and Pete - you should be ashamed of yourselves. Anyone who is not christian reading what you wrote would say what intense believers "we" are. Give a response without accusing another person of living for satan or saying that they started trouble. We, and I include myself, should respect each other.

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