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Is Christianity A Religion
no christianity is not a religion it is a way a way to live a way to give a way to love to hope a promise and so on god is the way to new life to a new hope a new promise and a new world a place of peace like you have never known beauty like you have never seen eyes have not seen ears have not heard
neither entered in the heart of man the things that god has in store for them that love him

I Don't Think God Is Real
do you really believe that god isnt real then do this and you will know that god is real without any doubt
just look in your mirror and if you see anyone looking back at you then god is real
because god created you in his likeness and image god is real no doubt about it look around at the trees and the sea god is real

George Bush's Legacy
if george bush had not been brave enough and took the initiavte to go to iraq and stop the terroists we would not be here right now we owe a lot to him for his courage no other one would do that when
osama bin laden blew up the navy ship we did nothing i think that it was god intervening to save us from destruction

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