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Who is Paula White?
I recently started watching this "Paula White Today" show, and at first it seemed quite upbeat and moral. Then my wife (born again) started to watch it with me. She seems to think that this person is just a
con-man, as she is either asking for money
directly ("send me your first fruits offering") or is partnering up with someone
selling a book that she promotes for a cut
of the sales. I don't know...?

One Nation Under God
the founders of America were washed in the blood believers who wanted a christian America and dont forget it. Its when America got away from the Bible that all the problems started. Theunbelievers want to change the true history amen!

A Non-Virgin Looking For Marriage
Nothing wrong in not being a virgin honey, it doesn't make you be a bad person so long as you are happy together is your fiance a virgin what does it matter anyway give him a long sloppy kiss and make mad passionate love to him and he will love you even more.

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