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Are Catholics Christians
2 Colossians 16 says; let no man judge you in meat or new moon festival.....translated this means as christians we should not be there to judge others lest we disqualify them for the heavenly prize. No is qualified t pass judgment on another.

Use The Internet To Find A Mate
I do not see anything wrong with finding a mate on the net, i for one have found many friends on the christianet whom i could not have met at church or within my shpere of life. I spend 90% of my active time at work and the internet has become a great source of inetraction for me. You only need God's guidance that you will not be led astray for there are also wolves in sheep's clothes. All the best.

Who Should Propose For Marriage
I believe it can work both ways, but it should be seen to be from the side of the man. However i believe the lady can influence the man to take a decision because it would be unfair to keep your woman waiting & guessing. Men are afraid of commitment so you should tread carefully when trying influencing the decision.

Who Is Really To Blame For Katrina
Andre, he without sin cast the first stone?

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
Dee, i think you do not understand life and take everything for granted. I am in Zimbabwe where petrol(gas) goes for one dollar per litre & a gallon is like 5lt. Here even if you have the money you will spend a week queing for it. Your economy is no where near bankruptcy, when it does there won't be electricity,gas,food, unemployment benefit, tax cuts etc. If we could trade places you would see you have enough reason to praise the man above.

Who Is Really To Blame For Katrina
Jeff-I will pose this question to you. You are a father and your house is razed to the ground in a storm and you cannot salvage anything. Would anyone say you are not a responsible father by calling for help. New Orleans is the victim of an accident and we can't expect victims help themselves especially when incapacitated. The local government is run by the very people who are still searching for their loved ones and belongings making outside help very necessary.

Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much
I am 100% behind the victims of Katrina, what they are demanding from their government is fair. You need only to look at the expenditure going to finance Iraqi war plus that of Afghanistan, the total expenditure divided equally among the victims will leave all of them overnight celebrities. Jesus reiterated that it is better to save a life than destroy so here its simply reallocation of resources from killing 'Iraq' to 'Saving' New Orleans.

Clothes For Christian Women
Clothes should not be too revealing, exposing areas like the navel in public does not augur well for me.But it all depends with the person's taste, but good Christian women will know what is expected of them.
For myself i believe romance is serious stuff so i would not want to be romantic with someone and tell them that i do not love them at the end of the day. Romance can only do in a love relationship.

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