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Living In The End Times

Yes, these are the end times. It won't be long until Jesus returns to resurrect the dead and take his children to heaven with Him. Things have never been so bad as they are under the current illegitimate regime in America. The immorality has increased to the level "as in the days of Noah [or] Lot."

But the 2nd coming will NOT be secret. Every eye will see Him, it will be like lightening from one end of heaven to the other. Jesus will give a loud shout that raises the dead who are caught up together with the living saints to meet Him in the air - no SECRET there!

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

Katty: Name one person I "have run off by calling them Communists". The American Democrat Party is now the American Communist Party by any objective measure, and if you support them and their ideals, you ARE a Communist. You're just not used to being called on it.

Let's go Brandon!

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

ax: Here's some numbers for you:

Highest inflation in 40 years under Biden.

Lowest inflation in decades under Trump.

Highest gas prices ever under Biden.

Energy independence under Trump.

Begging Iran & Venezuela for oil under Biden.

Wake up Little Hatchet, America is dying under Communist rule.

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

JS1234: A leftist is someone who considers himself a Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, etc., but is in reality just a plain old Communist.

ax: Your data is upside down. You apparently have your head in the sand or someplace where the sun doesn't shine.

Let's Go Brandon!

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

Do you leftists really think you are better off under Biden than Trump? If so, that explains a lot. How's the price of gas and groceries in your area? You must have your heads in the sand (or somewhere else).

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

Putin was afraid to attack while Trump was in charge. Ditto for the Taliban. But with a weakling like Biden in the White House, he sees his opportunity. We need real, strong leadership. We need Trump!

Let's go Brandon!

Democrat And Republican Thoughts

You who voted for Biden are responsible for this war. Putin smells American weakness under Biden, so he attacks. Putin is an evil dictator, but Biden isn't much different. He and his puppeteer Obama are destroying America. Thanks, Communists.

Living In The End Times

ax: Congrats on answering with scripture. The Second Coming of Jesus is the ONLY rapture mentioned in scripture. And, it is anything but secret, since "every eye will see Him" and it comes with a "shout".

Did you notice the line that says "the dead in Christ shall rise first"? How does that comport with the popular belief that they are currently in heaven?

What Is The Strong Delusion

ax: Because of you and the other Communists among us, our country (USA) is being destroyed. Now the feckless Biden and his team are destroying the entire world. I thought you Communist hippie types were against war, but they seem intent on starting WW3.

What Is The Strong Delusion

ax: "Don't throw stones if you don't want them bouncing back at you."

Good advice. You should heed it. It is you who violates God's commandments - not me.

What Is The Strong Delusion

axster: You are officially a useful idiot of the Communist Party. Anyone who thinks that America is better off under the the current Communist regime has on blinders and ear plugs.

What Is The Strong Delusion


Do you believe that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election as alleged by Communist Dems and investigated/exonerated for 3.5 years.

Do you believe that Trump deserved multiple impeachments for a perfectly normal phone call to the Ukrainian President?

Do you think that the Jan 6 witch hunt is authentic, and that the imprisonment of innocent Americans without due process for over a year is acceptable?

Do you think that Biden was a good choice, and that America is better off today than it was a year ago?

If you answer "yes" to any of the above, then you are a certified useful idiot of the Communist Party.

What Is The Strong Delusion
A strong delusion is that Joe Biden is the legitimately elected President of the USA, or that Jan. 6 2021 was an insurrection by right-wing extremists.

Those are merely tactics from the Communist playbook.

Let's Go Brandon!

Religious Teachers In 2021

Isa 8:20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Failure Of Democrat Regime
ax & kat:

I see that you still get your information from the Communist News Network (CNN). All the "facts" you espouse are proven lies. Trump was right - it's FAKE NEWS.

BTW, ax, as you were told before, Fascism is socialist, i.e., left wing, and not right wing as you inaccurately stated.

You are both living proof that it is impossible to be both Christian and Democrat.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

axster & katty: I realize that you would prefer being called "progressive", "democratic socialist", "woke" or some such nonsense, but the truth is, whether you realize it or not, you are Communist useful idiots who push Marxist ideals at the detriment of your fellow citizens. We The People have had enough. You have been outed, and we will never give in to your totalitarian doctrines.

Just this morning I read that the Jessie Jackson mob marched in Chicago to protest the just Kyle R. acquittal while stating that "America needs a COMMUNIST REVOLUTION". I'm sure you agree.

BTW, our 1st Amendment doesn't define an age limit for gun ownership.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

Katty: You're really out in the weeds now. Like the axster, you keep addressing others like GWB and Gen. Flynn rather than the brain-dead fool that runs this country. It is you Communists that are the anti-American bullies - not us right wing patriots. Who was the bully? Kyle R. or the Communist thugs beating him?

axster: Communists are not liberal. A liberal gives from his own - he doesn't take it from someone who is unwilling. You are no liberal in the Biblical sense.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

Kat: GWB voted for Biden. He's an idiot.

"Jerry, Trav dont [sic] understanding a democracy is not a theocracy."

And YOU don't understand that America is NOT a Democracy. It is a Constitutional Representative Republic. Strict Democracy is Mob Rule, as has been demonstrated by you Democrat Communists for the past several years.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

ax: OK, I tried to give you an out by saying that you are ignorant of our country, but you refused it. So.... that only leaves the possibility that you are a brainwashed Communist pawn - a useful idiot.

All of the election totals you espouse are fraudulent, as is becoming more evident as time progresses. Do you really believe that Brandon was/is a more popular candidate than Trump? Maybe among dead people, but not in reality. You really must stop watching FAKE NEWS as they are filling your head with Communist propaganda.

I once respected you as an intelligent, albeit misguided, Christian. No more.

It is not possible for a Christian to also be a Democrat/Communist.

Failure Of Democrat Regime

ax: "I'm America's guest, NOT yours"

As a foreigner, I understand how you can be ignorant of our country. Your country owes allegiance to the British Queen. America is "owned" by We the People - of which I am a legitimate part. You are NOT!

I think your mentor Marx had you pegged as a useful idiot, since you think you are better off with Biden's:

Acute mental focus,
Tanking economy,
Price of energy,
Afghanistan victory-NOT,
Supply chain efficiency,
Southern Border invasion,
Suspension of Constitutional rights,
Use of the Fed. gov. to target political enemies,
and Increased abortion and sexual perversion.

(Thanks Trav for the summation.)

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