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Is The Bible Faith And Facts
Riduculous for someone to tell you that your wasting your time! While you are witnessing, they are condemning you! Remember Jesus said to His disciples, Tarry in Jerusalem and you will receive power when the HS comes upon you and you will be my wintesses! Acts 1:7-8 Keep up the good work!

No Money To Tithe
Some have the wrong idea on thithing! You are not tithing to God so he will bless us although he did say test me on this. A tithe is a man's may of saying "You blessed me with what I have and i acknowledge it" by saying here is my tithe as I say thank you for your provision no matter how big or small. Try it, it works wonders!

Do Our Words Have Power
Of Course -- There is power in the spoken word. Look at Genesis 1. God spoke things into existence. We were made in His Image and likeness. There is power in the spoken word. Refrain from vulgarity and see how it blesses your soul. Speak life and blessing into people lives and see how it builds your soul and those you bless by doing so.

Praying Out Loud With Husband
Loved ones -- Jesus is our model on prayer. First the Lord's Prayer is a misnomer - it should be called the Disciples prayer - Jesus told us "pray like this." Second, we find Jesus Praying in the Garden just before crucifixion. and Last in the book of acts the church grew as the members gather together in fasting & praying. Getting beyond self conscience in prayer is a maturity problem - should eventually go away. Meet the right people in Church and this will all change -- Practice!!

Lusting After My Pastor
This is a Character issue for any man or woman who has uncontrollable issues for another person other than your spouse OR for another spouse of another OR for someone in the position ou describe. I suggest ou take this to the Lord in Prayer, get counseling from another PASTOR not the minister you see and read the WORD.

I Have Feelings Of Hate Toward God
Loved One, Sorry to hear about your brother and those may seem like empty words. I am faced with death, stage 4 cancer and a short time. I wondered if my faith would hold me up when or if something like this happened. Paul said to live is Christ and to die is gain. Although I don't want to die, I am ready to meet Jesus. Your brother was ready, ARE YOU? Man has given us a death sentence not God. Hate sin that led to death but Love God who gives Life! God wants you. Don't miss your chance by hating God!

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