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Sister Wives TV Show
First off pelagami is a pagan practice and is not Christian and not part of the Jewish faith or family values and law,.I think this man is very insecure and want when asked about another man he was against it,, its was good for him but not for them, in a way pelagami is man perverting the dominacy of the male role , it has nothing to do with love or respect for a women , but just greed and lust for fleshly desires...That would be the day i share my man with another women ,he be out of the door!

Islam Same As Christianity
Big difference
Jesus tells us not to be unequally yoked, my advice
Run and don't stop running--from making a yoke commitment with some unless they are a born again christian-Knowing about Jesus is different then knowing Jesus ....

What Is The Mark Of Cain
Well God marked him , because even though Cain killed his brother , he was a seed of Adam and Eve< they and their decedents where the originally Jewish nation that God created that where his.But no one was allow to harm Cain and the was the sign , because God would kill those who try to harm him.( if it is the same as the mark of the beast , God would of dismissed him) i think if anything it would be more symbolic of the sealing of the holy spirit if any thing. where you get it was the same as a mark of the beast is beyond me,

I Am Mad At God
Well who are we ???

that we shouldn't receive bad from God.

We are sinful, fleshly, rebellious followers that think God is their to serve us ,

when in truth we are here to serve God !!!

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