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Watching Football A Sin
Yes anything that is 'worldy' is sin, because it's 'feeding' the flesh so to speak. The whole point is to deny the flesh and take up the cross - the narrow way. Footballers are in the illumanti (satanic society of the mainstream media). Don't be fans of them.

I Am Dating A Non-Christian
FRIEND:-Are you testing the water or straining at the leash.The choice however is yours.Blessings.

What Are Unitarian Beliefs
There is a Unitarian Universalist Congregation house of worship in my town. All I know is every time I was invited or tried to go to a service there for something, either a service or speaker, I wasn't able, either my car would break down or that person forgot to be there or something was postponed. I took it as a sign.

They encourage many faiths to come together. I dont know if it has anythign to do with denying the trinity or what but they dont just say that christianity is the only religion or if you are not a muslim you are an infidel or what not. some of their beliefs are confusing but you can believe or you can look elsewhere I suppose.

I choose to stay where I'm at and I'm happy there.

Benny Hinn Is Selling Statues
I dont know much about this worshipping statues bs, I think Benny Hinn is a fake.

I have a little statue of Michael Archangel in my house. I consider it protection if I happen to get my hands on it should someone intrude into my home and my life is threatened. I welcome any protection God offers but if someone is threatening my safety, I'm sorry but "michael" will protect me just fine when I beam him across the room to someone's cranium.

For now, its a great paperweight and a reminder of something that cought my brain growing up as a christian moving out on my own as a young adult kept me so far:

"Who is Like God?"

I pilfered that quote. It's not my own. but it works.

peace, Nic

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