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Beggars Ask For Money
No, absolutely not. Most beggars that beg for themselves are feeding addictions. Organised beggars raise money for criminal gangs linked to trafficking, prostitution & drug-dealing. Either way you're encouraging a trend that destroys lives, despite good intentions. If you want to help people, get involved with a homeless shelter, or other charitable project. At the very least, give them food, hot beverages or clothes, ANYTHING but money. Go out with open eyes and serve God. Giving's not just about money, giving your time, a warm smile, helping someone across the road, and how you lead your life and conduct yourself determine what you give to the world.

Does Jesus Forgive Everything
If you repent from the heart, the blood of Jesus will wash away all sin. The key is, where is your heart? To love God is to obey his word.

Was Steve Irwin A Christian
Well, if he went to Hell (which I highly doubt), then he most certainly couldn't see us. However, if he went to Heaven, why couldn't he? It doesn't make any sense. God forbid we think of Heaven like that.

Can Christians Smoke A Cig
Is smoking not like sin?
There is the guilty rush of nicotine, like a feeling of our first sin. The problems are endless, but as we continue doing it, we find it harder and harder to stop. It hurts others more than our selves, and is exeedingly cool. In the end, it will kill us.
Pretty close to sin.

Pray That I Past My Drivers Test
I wish to praize God for I finally got my licence.Thank you all for all the prayers!

Pray That I Past My Drivers Test
I have been booked again for the 25th of July.Meantime I am having more practice.My apologies for not keeping you updated. Oliver

Pray That I Past My Drivers Test
I've just been to the test and unfortunately I did not make it.I reckon my day will come in due course. Thank you for the prayers anyway. Bless! Oliver

Should A Lady Make First Move
As a young man I don't see anything wrong if a girl greeted me with a smile.I would only be uncomfortable if she invited me for coffee or something.

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