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Should I Leave Exhusband Alone
Yoour question reads as if your "ex" is just an ex-boyfriend.

maybe the moderators who put the title on, have made an incorrect assumption that he was your husband.

Can you clarify so the appropriate advice cn be offered

Forgiven For My Abortions
Jayne your question was published before ... about 25 questions before this, under the heading "Does God forgive Sin?"

There are 22 responses there

Dad Died Of Aids And I Am Mad
Maureen ... what actualy are you angry with you Dad for?
I'm sure he did not want to die, nor leave you in difficulty.

Baptism Related To Marriage
Jennifer ... I think you will find that this is a rule imposed by certain churches.

It is a man-made rule, and does not come from God.

Being baptised does not make you a Christian, and you can be a Christian and not be baptised.

But many churches will say unless you are full members of OUR church.

Let Guys Take Advantage Of Me
You say the ones you love try to take advantage of yuo. ONES ?? !!

How many of these guys do you love?

No, do not let any of them take advantage of yuo ... Would the first one to bed you then want to marry you? No way, he would know you were cheap. Nor would the next, nor the next.

Here Is The Recipe And Cook Blog
Thank you Gwen ... not much good to me ... my Mum died years ago

Get Over Nice And Mean Guy
He is really nice, but the things he does are not nice? Do YOU like the things he does? What we do reflects what we are in most cases, so if what he does is not nice, nor is he likely to be, behind the romantic front.

Yes Put Recipes To This Post
Shira ... I already have Look at the earlier titles ...

Have Failed To Get Someone
"Get someone" you presumably a potential "partner".

I know a fe on CN have met their spouses thought it, but I have not had the slightest whiff of a chance.

I have met several ladies form a UK Christian web-site, but sadly in only one case out of perhapos 3 dozen did I feel there was nay chance of the friendship developing beyond that ... And sadly, in the one case I wanted it to, she eventually decided no.

Move In With Husband's ExWife
Where will your husband live when you move to the States? Will he move in with his ex-wife, along with you?

If so, it does seem a bit unusual to say the least, and I am not surprised that you are upset about it.

Everyone Must Get Married
Where did you get that idea Gary?

Do I Tell Spouse Of My Affair
Cathy ... was this person you? If it was, how long ago was it ... before the children came along?

Have you had a really loving life with yuor husband since?

What speciall things have you done with your husband, Were they better than the things you did with you partner in the affair.

If life with yourhusband has been much much better than you everexperienced with the extra-marital partner, will that give you confidence to say to your husband "I love you so much, and for ever but I need to tell you about this thing in the past"?

Thoughts Of Staint Malachy
Interesting ... yes, as fiction, and an demonstration of gullibility.

Important ... no.

Why God In The Person Of Jesus
Ahmed ... our sins mean that we cannot just say to God "We accept you" ... we are not good enough make up the broken relationship with Him

So Jesus came, in love, to die for us ... he accepted the punishment that we deserved ... it is our acceptance of that loving sacrifice that saves us.

Want Only Part Of The Communion
Only an RC can answer this, and the answer would presumably be yes it is OK, because this is I understand the Roman Catholic practice.

Non-RCs cannot answer, because we do not believe we are receiving the body or the blood, because they are not that. ... We are participating in a reminder of the one and only Last Supper.

Mental Health Problem A Curse
Chemical malfunction. Often caused by mental shock.

Christian By Words Or By Actions
Smaoking is not a sin (controversial)
Drinking is not a sin unles it is to excess (controversial)
Gambling is a sin (not so controversial)
Cursing ... what words? Blasphemy and obscenity are sinful

Now the different views will come in!

Spiritual Or Natural In The Bible
Not quite sure what you are asking, Linda.

We are people, a mixture of spiritual & natural. We cannot really separate out what God tells us through the Bible, and say "That bit only applies to that part of me"

At least that is my answer to what I think you are asking!!

How Do I Know God's Will
Anna ... you are right to beware of wishful thinking. Sometimes this masquerades as God's words to you.

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