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Where Is Satan Today
Was reading the index of my King James Version Bible..looked at Lucifer....his latin transalation..DAYSTAR. That's all I have to say, that says it right there. No "christian" network would dare do something as stupid and slimy/slick as this. What did they think noone would put two and two together???????

Obedient To An Angry Husband
Ephesians 5:25-28 Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church-a love marked by giving, not getting. Christ's love makes the church whole. His words evoke her beauty. Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her, dressing her in dazzling white silk, radiant with holiness. And that is how husbands ought to love their wives." Try to be in prayer asking for guidence before your husband comes home each night. God knows your heart and he is there with you. You deserve to be treated as Christ to the church. God loves you so much. Cling to him, he will see you through. Ask your pastor for help and hopefully your church will find a way to help you. May the God of peace be with you.

How To Love Step Children
Step-Parents, you want to save your step-kids, build a good marriage - the feelings will eventually show. Learn to say, I love you but these are the rules. Spend time with both your kid alone and the step-kid alone and let huddby/wife do the same - you will be surprised at how watching a movie in silence can impact you. Be yourself it's the best medicine. If something is not working change it - you have more power then you think. People, please stop judging one another - especially when you have NEVER been in another persons shoes - you can't speak about selfishness when you have obviously never had a fist in your face - or someone shatter your life with an adulterous action.

What Is A Christian
If we've had the FULL experience of the lost son (from the parable in Luke 15:11-32), then I think we may become Christians.

We're all in a process... But when we "wake up" and realize where we are and where's the only place we may find help, when we decide to return to our heavenly Father, admit and confess our sins, and stop serving ourselves and serve Him instead - the very moment we decide to take the first step towards Him, He'll meet us on the way, give us the best He has, and give us dignity - as His children.

Tha parable is a wonderful illustration of God's love towards us - and how He killed the fatted calf for us.
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son - so that we may live :o)

Does God Have Emotions
Yes God does have emotions and he does feel pain, although I cannot imagine the Holy and righteous God has anything to feel guilt over. He made us in his image and we have emotions that are not all made up of sin, so therefore I find it hard to imagine that God does not have emotions.

How To Love Step Children
As I mentioned before, love is a feeling, especially UNCONDITIONAL love.You can show your step children love without having to "love" them as much as your own children.Also, you referred to the step children as "baggage".As a Christian, you are judgemental and trying to make the step parents on this site feel bad when they have nothing to feel bad about and are obviously trying their best.

How To Love Step Children
Rhonda,Please tell me what selfish ACTS those getting divorced are committing?Is it healthier for the children to stay in an unhappy or abusive environment? If you remarry and are in a safe and happy household, isn't that being Not selfish to the children? Your happiness reflects on the childrens' happiness.It is not always a "wreckage" as you state it is.Most step parents on this site are really trying to make the best of their new families, and to worry about not loving their step children as much as their own children is telling me that they are truly good people trying to make their step child's life better. They are being too hard on themselves.

Praying For A Soul Mate
I found my soulmate 9 years ago just before 9/11. The steps I followed are listed on YT under 'agathanas.' Finding one's soulmate is similar in many ways to any other breakthrough, requiring prayer in faith, waiting on God, and praising God for the manifestation in advance. But it is also a little different too: it's a lifelong event, it involves another human's free will, the outcome will affect all future generations, because it is so important God has a definite person picked out for us, because the marriage relationship is similar to Jesus' relationship with the Church, sexual cleanliness and obedience are absolutely necessary first before God can act on our behalf.

How To Love Step Children
Hello, I disagree with Rhonda for stating that a step parent is "selfish" for not loving her/his step children. I guess you would not understand and easily judge if you are not in the situation. I am a step mother of three children and I have two biological children. "Love" is a feeling, you can not just force it. I absolutely love my children more than my step children, this is an unconditional love, but as a christian, I treat my step children fairly, I treat them with the utmost respect and am loving towards them. But for you to say "how can someone not love their shepchildren,the blood of their spouse" simply does not understand.

Who Is The Whore Of Babylon
The Mystery Babylon is believed my the majority to be America.

Some try to say, well the woman sits on 7 hills and 7 hills is descriptive of Rome. The 7 hills is descriptive of the BEAST that the woman sits on. The woman and the beast are two different things, because the beast will hate the woman and leave her desolate.

Boyfriend Sees Drinking Women
By favors to his women friends, I mean they call him for driving them places, coming over to fix something, taking them to church, and that I should just trust him. To him it's a responsibility biblically to help them with whatever they need. If one argues with their boyfriend of the moment, and needs a place to stay, he has let them stay at his house for the night. Also he noted to say that by a female roommate, he means renting out a room in his house to a woman. I appreciate all your answers, in my heart I still feel things aren't quite right biblically with him/them. But he makes me feel I am wrong? They say once they are saved, they are always saved no matter what they do as sinners? Its hard to understand that in my perspective.

Boyfriend Sees Drinking Women
Thx again for all responses. He just goes to church 'Fellowshipping' with these needy women, I've not seen him go with men. But out of church, they also call him when they need favors as well, so it goes beyond just church, and all say they are truly born again Christians. The idea he has is to help them all, as the bible states. They all have other boyfriends, or go from one to another. I just question that since I am trying to learn more about Christianity other than a Catholic perspective, that this is what I am finding through my boyfriend. One new question, he thinks it is OK to have a female roommate and still date me. Is that ok or biblical from someone who says he is truly a born again Christian.

Boyfriend Sees Drinking Women
I asked this question, thanks for all responses! I want to go to church with him on Wednesdays, he tells me I live too far (43 miles), I tell him I should be invited, and I don't mind driving after work, but he says they call him at the last minute so he doesn't invite me. I went once with them, but had to invite myself. The girls drank before going to church, he doesn't. Still, was weird to me. I am a Catholic, but seeking more! This is my first experience with born again Christians, just trying to learn. Seems they think they are saved no matter their behavior?

How To Annoint With Oil
I have used oil to pray over everything .The more people who pray over the oil using the oil as a point of contact the more powerful the annointing.It is biblical that there is more power in the prayer of a group . I have seen breakthroughs with oil especially if it has been blessed by a few.People carry different annointings with mantels,gifts. This can be transfered and shared. It is a point of contact for use in spiritual warfare.Oil is a symbol of the holy spirit. Anoint means to rub into. Oil or healing salve was used in biblical times and Jesus had his feet washed by a woman with an expensive bottle of oil. We need all types of healing not just physical but every area of life. God honors the oil as a point of contact.

Must Women Cover Themselves
Thank you all for your responses.

How To Focus On God
Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.

God Bless,

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
If she is now a Christian, and he has excepted her, She is not the problem, he is. Forgiveness is what Jesus teaches! He needs to break off the friendship for her sake. I was a virgin when I married in 67, my friends were not. I was chastised for being stupid. My young, Christian husband became inpatient with me. I broke with a young man that would have made a great husband. My new husband became a womanizer because I was unknowing about what is expected when it came to intimacy. Not bad things, but how to be loving. So being a virgin does not alway make it the best solution. My next husband is loving, caring, and patient. WE had a great life together. We came together through our Christian faith. He was patient! Thank you! Amanda

Thinking About Being Obedient
Thanks Alan. Augie I am not the bitter and possessive one. I was in a church where a woman acted possessive over the pastor and it turned me off to that church. To me it's like the woman feels like "I've worked so hard to be his door mat, I am not going to let another woman take my place." I didn't even want her husband. I have my own.

Thanks for your responses. Some of them seemed reasonable, especially the one about different types of motivation.

Lost Virginity Before Marriage
Thanks for all of your replies. As far as asking for forgiveness with my husband, he doesn't really believe that what we did was wrong. He doesn't go by the Bible usually. He believes in God and Jesus, but he doesn't worship Jesus. In the beginning, his beliefs seemed close to mine, but over time they seemed to spread apart.

And I am concerned sometimes about whether or not I have forgiven other people for past sins that they have committed against me. How do you know in your heart when you have truly forgiven someone?

Obama Is Bankrupting America
This is a loaded question.

It assumes that:
1) Obama is spending too much
2) Because of his "spending too much" (1st assumption) he is going to bankrupt America.

Our economy is messed up anyways.

I just want our troops to be brought home.

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