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Judgement Seat To Mercy Seat
I'm just seeing this blog 10 years later but wanted to clarify something...WE don't sit on either the judgment or mercy seat. In the Old Testament, Samuel and the other judges sat on the judgment seat, and in the New Testament the Praetorian (including those who judged Jesus as guilty) say on the judgment seat. The mercy seat was the top of the ark of the covenant on which blood was sprinkled for annual atonement. Jesus now sits on the judgment seat in heaven, because the Father has given all judgment to the son (John 5:22.) Thus, just as the ark was designed, the Father sits on His mercy seat in heaven to receive those who have passed through Jesus - those who know Him as their Lord and Savior.

Can God Save Anyone
I think God is a power so above our reasoning. If he is still paying attention to me, and wasting time on a sinner so far gone like me, then yes he can save anyone.

Husband Works Too Much
I wouldn't repost either if I were Becky, holy heart failure batman! Agree with the truths in your comments, but yikes! I think I'd crawl into a hole after some of those comments. Some of us are not as thick skinned as you all.

Who When Changed Sabbath
I know one thing
When Jesus hung on the Cross
He became our Sabbath
I worship & rest in Him everyday
The days mean nothing to me when it comes to Our Sabbath.

What Is A Behemoth In Job
Behemoth in Job is a Dinosaur

Who Knows Rapture Date
God says my people know the signs that will Consumate the End of this Age..........
But we know not the Hour Nor the Day

Acne Scars Causing Depression
Acne scars are tough to deal with especially at a young age. I use Unblemish spot fading toner. This is a alcohol-free toner that contains dermatologist preferred 2% hydroquinone to lighten and prevent post-acne marks and spots. The salicylic acid removes dead skin cells, keeps pores clear, and prepares skin for treatment. The best thing about this product is a 60 day supply with a money back guarentee. Message me for more detail on how to get this amazing product

Instant Healing Sign From God
Amen!!!!! To your Answer

Marrying Non-Christians Advice
I married a non-Christian and when we were engaged and we came to the same agreement: that he would fully support me raising our kids in the Christian faith. He has kept his promise and does not complain about me taking the kids to church and praying with them. But even though he says he is fully supportive, we are missing out on the special blessings that a believing couple would have, such as sitting next to each other in church and worshiping God together, praying together when we are going through difficult times, attending marriage retreats and other couples functions in the church, praying for guidance in raising our children, having someone to pray for me when I am struggling. Some things to consider...

Why Was Jesus Silent
Even this silence fulfilled Scripture, as we read in Isaiah 53:7.

What Is Fisher Of Men
Matthew 4:19 "And He saith unto them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

"Fishers of men", means seekers of men's souls. Notice that when Jesus saw them, He called out and they came immediately. There was no altar call, and begging to come with Him. They heard, understood and came immediately. Did they wait to straighten up their nets, and think about it first? Was there even a choice given to them?

When the truth of the living God enters your heart and strikes your mind, you will hear Him say "follow me", and there is no hesitation. You go! You know you have a destiny and a purpose.

Man To Marry Old Woman
If someone is marrying for the right reasons age should not have anything to do with it. Of couse you have to understand the differnce in age and be able to handle it. My husband was 17 yrs older that I was, and we had a wonderful marriage. Marriage is what we make of it!!! I say go for it, if you have prayed and you know it is in God's direction!!!

Man To Marry Old Woman
Pray about it,
If you are both happy,Congratulations!!!
It's how you both feel and no one else

No Toungues No Mansion
There is no verse in the Bible that says you won't get into Heaven unless you speak in Tongues........His word Never changes AMEN!!!

God With Us During Prayer
Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

His name is Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and He is the Living Word of God, made flesh and came and dwelt amongst us. When you are gathered together in the Living Word, and claiming the promises from that Living Word, and having faith in Him, God will be with you by the dwelling of His Holy Spirit. When you are gathered together in His name

Who Is The Earth Beast
The beast mentioned in Revelation 13:11
is satan

Asking For Poor People's Money
When Teachers,Preachers,Ministers,Pastors ETC.Ask for money all my antennas go up in my head:
When a person or church is TRULY from God,they need not ask for money......God provides when it's truly from Him

World Ending In 2012
No one knows the time nor the hour
But He does say my people know the signs that will Consumate the end of this age

Explain Isaiah 48:16

We all get those days
fingers and brain going in different directions lol

Explain Isaiah 48:16

In this verse Isaiah 48:16
This is Isaiah speaking,please reread it.Isaiah is telling the people what GOD told Isaiah to say,....Isaiah did NOT say that he was "I AM"....he was talking about GOD

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