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I Like The New Blog and You
I believe that all of life's problems are answered by the Bible. We can quote scripture in teaching, and, in solving our problems. Scriptures that come to me include: search for wisdom like a treasure; love one another, lifting one another up; confess your faults one to another; and, be
anxious for nothing (my personal favorite.)

Doubts About The Grace of God
I struggle with doubt. This is probably the central issue in my life. One thing that helps me, is to realize that faith is a gift from God; even the faith to be saved is a gift. And, faith comes by hearing the Word of God. So, Bible study and fellowship also help my unbelief by building my faith. You're heart is tender enough, to truthfully examine yourself! And, the Spirit of Truth is from God. God's grace is sufficient. Amen!

No Obeying In Marriage Vows
"Submit" may be a better word than "obey." Keep in mind that it may be hard to accurately translate the original Bible's Greek or Hebrew into today's English. Of course, a wise husband will be Godly and worth submitting to; the Bible says that. God gave man and woman unique giftings, of which to bring to their marriage. I, being female, will submit to my wise, loving, and Godly husband; he in turn, will be the priest of the house, his divine role. Praise God for His ultimate wisdom in making us a team!

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