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Explain John 21:11
I'm sure there was significance to the number 153. But did they actually count each one?

How To Prove You Are Saved
Who are you proving it to????? God knows and thats all that is necessary. We will bear fruit. We are not in a contest for Christian of the year we are in a love relationship to the Father. Do you have to prove you are married? You are in a covenant relationship and the two in the covenant know

When Do We Forgive Others
God does not wait for us to ask forgiveness. The provision was made already. We do not wait to be asked either. We are commanded to forgive. We confess our faults to one another that we might be healed. If you wait until someone asks your forgiveness you will be waiting forever many times and live in bittereness and unforgiveness which only hurts you

Is Living Together A Sin
I suppose if you just share a house and not a bed and the activities therein it would be border-line okay.....but yes it is a sin to fornicate

This Is The Grief Blog
I lost my father 1-29-09. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 1-21-09. This was a very quick and painful process for my father, as well as for me. There is no one in the world that I was closer to than my father. I am trying so hard to get through this and am having trouble believing that my father is with me now. My religion has not been a large part of my life, and I regret that. Now in this time of great sorrow I feel there is nothing that I need more than the comfort that this can offer me. If there is anyone that could please take a moment to respond and help me to get on the right track, I will be forever grateful..thank you in advance.

I Am Depressed And Sad
If you feel sad or down it is your bodies way of telling you that there is something not right. Just the same as a broken arm or sore throat. It sounds as if your husband needs to act with greater kindness, seek your support elsewhere if he is incapable of providing it. Everyone needs people that they can lean on, friends, other Christians, counsellers or even doctors. They will all help, you just need to ask!

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
Do you spank barebottomed? If yes, how do you get them to lower their pants and underpants

Ex-Husband Wants Me Back
No one else can answer that for you. If that is the desire of your heart then you would need alot of wisdom. Get very serious counseling before you do anything. Make sure he is not just crying to you because he's broke or lonely. Make sure if you do re-unite with him that you are as morally pure with him as you would be with anyone else ex husband or not. You got divorced for a reason. Make very certain all those issues are settled first.Lots of counseling my dear and TONS of prayer.

Family Member Is An Alcoholic
My husband is an alcoholic has been for 8 years he decided to kick my kids and I out of the house. I have been very sick for the last 4 months and he decided that he had had enough of me. He has been very mean about stuff and blamed the failing relationship on me and my sickness. I have put this in gods hands sometimes praying is all you can do it's the person who is doing the drinking that has to admit he or she is an alcoholic. And you can not change them. One day they will relize what they lost even if it is too late. I have a long road ahead to heal emotionaly ,as with any family members of an alcoholic.

I Want A Traditional Church
There is the Luthern church or Episcopal or Anglican. Or you could ask God if HE isn't trying to take you to another place entirley spiritually.

Father Daughter Interactions
Quite different opinions on this! No, I don't have sexual abuse in my background. I did bring the issue up to our pastor, and he supported that the horseplay should stop. I left also because of the anger in the home- verbal abuse with one teenager, prior abuse (mainly verbal)with me. There have been police and social services involved through the years for different things - but it's never conclusive and this is another situation like that.

Father Daughter Interactions
A few more clarifications. This wasn't behavior that had been going on for years. This was behavior that started when she became fully developed. Someone asked about why I thought horrible things about my husband. There had been many things since the beginning of the marriage that had eroded trust, and then it came into the home with this situation. I'm sure this is another blog - what to do when trust is gone and one finds themselves looking over their shoulder, even in their own home.

Father Daughter Interactions
Thanks Alan. I was the stepmom in the situation, and I was worried! There's more that happened in the same category.It ended up being part of the reason I left the home, I was told I was the overreacting one. My gut kept telling me something just wasn't right. Sometimes, I need to bounce my reactions off others.

Engaged Man Hiding Things
No, it is not OK, and be very careful with this relationship. I didn't find out about my husband's hurtful past until after the marriage, and the past continued into the marriage. The deceit also continued with him hiding things after the marriage as well. Be very careful!

Are Abusive Marriages OK
I just separated from a husband who believed this way. His abusive behavior (mainly verbal) was what was 'meant' for me to teach me lessons and build up my strength. He used I Peter 3 as a text to show that a woman should stay and teach him by her life if he was disobedient to the Word. I don't agree with this view. God hates abuse, and much of the teaching on marriage is about a man loving a woman as Christ loved the church.

Where Do You Meet A Real Man
I am wondering why with the new BLOGS so many questions are about finding a mate and why so shallow? As for the answer to this question I'd think church or a missions group or being involved in local misssions would help you find someone like minded. But be patient. There's more to life and serving Christ than a mate.

Thoughts About Robertson Remark
I dont think Pat meant it. The media just twisted the whole thing.He kida meant if someone keeps saying you dont help them and you are the one who is paying the rent and for food then kick them outside and see what they will say now that they are all alone.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
drinking is not a sin,like almost everything else, if you drink too much then that is when drinking becomes a sin.

What Is Your Best Christian Song
How great is our god
amazing grace
never let go
everything(by kutless)
Here i am to worship

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