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Is Salvation Maintained
For one is a bondservant to whatever has mastered one and the wages paid by that something are for eternal purposes.

For what was done that the Master of that servant will enable them to stand, for death or for life in the Resurrection. Because if what was done was done in God and through God and for The One, the work would remain, though they, themselves, may only hope to escape through the fires of hades.

One can do nothing unless the Lord had included the glory and talent and abilities from Him for all authority in Heaven and on earth is given to Him and all Judgment is entrusted to the Son of Man who endured more punishment at the ridge of the mount of the dung gate for the maximum punishment available.

Works Based Salvation Biblical
Apart for Me you can do nothing, for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life and faith without is dead for even now those who sow and those who reap and share in the production of the service of the fruits of the Kingdom of God are yielding the fruits of their works for eternal inheritances that remain.

For if One Father decided to disinherit a Woman and divorce her as an example to alot of other peoples as in the Prophets because of her sins as Hosea did and fulfilled in Jesus at Jerusalem where The kingdom will be taken and given among those who bear its fruits, and then He restored some to their inheritance in the process in the diaspora, then how is this apart from The Works of God which is to believe in The One?

God's Unmerited Favor
Make a tree good and good fruit will be produced and make a tree bad and bad fruit will be produced.

For grace would be the ability to stand in the situation in which one faces, both today and in the Resurrection to come.

For what could one exchange for the power to stand in the Great and Terrifying Day to come when He can call any witness from across all time periods in any situation as Testimony concerning our decisions and fruits and The Prophet receives the Word of Grace for one 40 year term of service in exchange for the grace to stand before Him.

I Have Lost Everything
Amen Ron!

I wish that people would not assume to tie people down with heavy loads of the reduced teachings as taught by men, and do nothing to help them out with the true Faith in Christ.

May God Graciously grant you the Peace that you need in life on your journey with others to meet Him.

I know that there are concubines written about. One prophet is commanded to marry a prostitute at Prophecy. Another had taken a concubine (girlfriend), keeping himself from the desires of the lust of the flesh with exclusivity.

I Have Lost Everything
Nevertheless, you could ask her to marry you. And it sounds like you are making excuses and have lost nothing and have changed nothing.

What If Big Bang Is True
Ex 'nihilio' is that God Created everything Through The Word of God which Is The Spirit of Truth in Christ Jesus Our Lord and Savior.

It is not necessarily any of our business, at Prophecy, whether anything else was extant.

Paul speaks to Us regarding the Third Heaven, the paradise with The Holy City New Jerusalem Coming down upon the New Earth out of Heaven prepared as a place for those that Love The Lord in Faith.

Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ
The world will be amazed when they see him (the false prophet known as the culminating being called anti-Christ who is one of the deceiving 'nephilim' that existed before the flood) for he once was, now is not (and yet the spirit of the false evil kingdom deceives people into sin in The Supper of God of Armageddon as written, all the flesh of peoples.), and yet will come as written regarding the last 7 year period of trials to come.

It is possible with regard to Zechariah Prophecy that the false prophet will indwell in the flesh with regard to race of the Judean People to deceive them at a time of the bad situation whereby he causes signs and wonders which Paul Admonishes us that Jews look for.

Candidate For The Christians
Mostly politics is to take pride in one so called leader over another?

For, the realties of this wicked and adulterous generation produce such fruits as pandering to cohorts without genuine follow through and commitment at many times. For these are worldly leaders to be submitted to (at most times) but that these great people of the world, the rich of Babylon, are subject to forces beyond their abilities and powers that cannot even recognize sometimes. Namely the deceiver, the devil, who has footholds for his works in influencing people to rule without Wisdom in evil by ways that seem 'right' to them, instead of what is Good by God.

Jesus Born On December 25th
September-October sounds proper, the Sign of The Lion of The Tribe of Judah.

On the calendar gregorian, even, the ninth month speaks to The Millennium Reign following the completion of the rule of the seven hills or spiritual kings (principalities) in the darkened heavenly realm which received the agreement of Armageddon of the Supper of God as written: the beast (from the earth) is an eighth king culminating in the belonging of the covenant among the beast from the sea 10 rulers with himself to force everyone to restricted commerce whereby those who sell out to worship will receive the number of the name of the false prophet or they will not be enabled by his Reign to buy or sell for about 3 1/2 years.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
The Incorruptible and Perfectly Gentle Comforter, The Holy Spirit, Sowed The Christ to come as though a Light or Prophet into the world of sin and sinners. The First Born among the dead as written.

He was without blemish and blameless.

His Flesh is real Manna Food. Those in communion of the fellowship of supplication (doing The Will of God which is the sanctification resurrection of the dead inner man subject to sin and law of lawlessness) and in abiding In Him and With Him (those for Me are not against Me) remaining In Him in bearing Good Fruits through Him.

Does God Speak To Prophets
There are 144,000 FirstFruits dedicated to God, coming soon, and there are also two Witnesses called Prophets who hold Office.

With regard to the gifting of Prophecy, God can speak at Will through anyone, for The Kingdom is at Hand, The Right Hand of God and The Power of God extant among the peoples and especially The Chosen People of God who are called, faithful, and chosen as written. The Kingdom advances through the Prophet Testimony of John The Baptist, therefore the advancement of Kingdom is at the Testimony of Jesus which is The Spirit of Prophecy.

Should Priests Be Able To Marry
The Church did not always have the they forbid them from The Holy Marriage practices.

The Sound Admonition of the Apostle of God was to refrain for a time and then not to be subject to temptation by not

Neither Marriage, nor refraining from Marriage is anything, the one who sows to the flesh will reap from the flesh the wages due to the corrupt desires of the flesh, the one who sows to The Spirit will from The Spirit reap eternal Life and Treasures in Heaven. If one sows sparingly, one will reap sparingly. Peacemakers who sow Peace will raise the harvest of Righteosness that comes to pass in persistance in Faith.

What If Big Bang Is True
If a straw man is used to keep birds from ruining the fields of wheat as a warning to them that someone is watching and presently standing guard, then why is it that Paul uses and 'idol' to begin to speak to the gentiles regarding the True Way?

To the gentiles I have become a gentile. Therefore, to the evolutionists: God Governs all things Sovereignly and one does not have to reduce The Prophecy to mere yesterday's happenings for The Word of God is Living and Active among the affairs of the people and creation speaks to the Glory of God.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical
Christ and God The Father can slay anything at Will is Sovereign decisions if He has so Desired to.

One cannot possibly comprehend the vast expanses of the Universe that is perceived by naturals eyes for 'everyone' to examine.

How much more Glory has The Spiritual Realm of The Kingdom, then?

To abide in The Word of Truth which is The Spirit of God is that God Is Spirit and must be Worshipped In Spirit and In Truth

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
The egg and sperm were the Holy Spirit for how could someone born of the corrupted flesh of the fallen sin at the disobediecne at the Tree of the knowledge of Good and evil be without sin and having no foothold of the devil whatsoever.

To me she is The Lord's servant vessel jar of clay Sanctified by Grace through The Holy Spirit for The Word to indwell her in The Holy Flesh of the Redemption Blood Spilt for many.

What is born of the flesh is of the flesh, What is Born of The Spirit is Of The Spirit of Truth. His Word Is Spirit and They Are Life that they may have life to the abundance. His Word Is Incorruptible and did not disobey at the tree, nor partake in the sins of anyone.

What If Big Bang Is True
In beginning was The Word Rejoicing in His Works In His Prescence. By The Word and For The Word and through The Word do they have existence and being.

Therefore, 'ex-nihilio' is non scriptural and non scientific. At physics at time t=0 there is infinite mass present before The Word Spoke: Let There Be Light. These things are sustained by His Powerful Word, The Right Hand of God and The Power of God to whom All Authority on Heaven and earth is given. The Lord's armory and Word of Truth. The Wonders of His Majesty being made known from what was made Glorifying Himself as Jesus had asked.

The False Doctrines Blog
The divisions down to the household are written Prophecy of Jesus. Many times, God forbid, the house of your friends will the dark enemy use to oppose or try you. My House is Prayer for all of the nations.

Sectarian divisions can turn to a type of 'civil' struggle, of sorts, when the Faith has many folds to bring together to make One at The Millennium as written. There will be One Shepherd and many Priests and servants of The Kingdom.

Is Mary A Co-Redemptress
The Blessed and Sanctified earthen vessel and servant of The Lord whereby The Lord, in fulfilling the Prophecy of Isaiah, was incarnated as a Light to the dark world as a prophet would be.

The mothers of the Son of Man are those that do the Will of The Father in preparing themselves for The One Coming in The Millennium. He will have supper with those who are abiding in His Word in the communion of suffering for The Name and He will make his home to be with them forever

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