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Kay Arthur Prophecy
I have found that Kay Arthur doesn't say anything that isn't backed up by scripture.

I have never heard her claim to be a prophet.With the way that the question is asked,it looks like someone has twisted her words.

If people know their Bible,there will be famine in the last days.I believe that the U.S.will not be exempt from it.I see things happening that are moving toward that.

Slain In The Spirit Biblical

Slain in the spirit: backward or forward?...those who speak against God's soveriegn power to manifest himself in any way He chooses are those who have yet to have an encounter with God. The devil accused Jesus of having a it is with this same spirit that sends accusations. God used a Donkey! why then would division arise simply because of the position in which one's body falls in God's presence.I pray the Lord help His church in their unbelief. Many people saw our resurrected Lord in the early days...not many see him today because of our "unbelief." God says... I change not!...remember, there is only one accuser of the brethren. We are commanded to love one another, to be Jesus name.

I Have A Miserable Marriage
I am miserable too. I am 38, have a 3 year old and live with an awful, horrible, nasty man who has no remorse for how terrible he treats me. I wish I could get out but cannot financially do so and have no where to go.

Bible States No Christmas Trees
well look at Jer 10:3 - 10:4

Christian Women Worldly Clothes
christian women should dress modest.modesty is covering up regardless.yes God looks on the inside but what about your self worth or respect. what about that child that is walking down the street or in the grocerie store dont just consider yourself. give the world something to look up to. if they see you looking just like them they are not going to want to change.listen to the holy spirit he will guide you.God bless

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