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Demon Jumped On Me
Yes, demons are real. I have had the experiences of being pressed down by strange invisible hands as I slept. These demons always flee at the mention of the name of Jesus. When you manage to say audibly or inaudibly Jesus! Jesus!they do leave immediately. I don't have these experiences anymore. You too can have permanent victory in this area. First thing is to genuinely surrender your live to Jesus. To have permanent victory over these oppressive demons and not be harrassed by them anymore, the key is to move closer to Jesus, renounce all known sins and determine to walk in love and pursue holiness. Lastly, refrain from all acts, behaviours that your conscience or your spirit condemns you of.

Was Jesus A Wine Bibber
Could or would Jesus (God incarnate)get intoxicated? If alcohol 'impairs judgement'would God be subject to that? if he was 'all God and all man'He was 'without sin" is it sin only when one becomes drunk? drinking? what would Jesus do?

I Have Committed Adultry
repent to her, if needed over and over. Let her vent without getting mad. encourage you not to go into much details. try and lesson the details. however, be willing to answer her questions without getting defensive. then affirm you love to her and stupidity over the situation. find out what her love language is and minister to it. increase your faithfulness inregards to the things of god.

Do You Feel Evil Shadows Around
no you are not the only one my friend,i have the same problem,even thing moving and hearing noises.i have this problem for around 2 months now.i dont know what to do if i pray or do something else.

No Obeying In Marriage Vows
In reply to the view that a woman should promise to obey her husband in her wedding vows I disagree strongly. I would not expect any wife to promise to obey or submit to me, it denotes inferiority and demeans and degrades her. She is saying "because I am a woman, my views and my judgment are less valid and less sound than yours." Once this principle is established, it would be easier to take away women's other rights eg the right to vote, which is the fundamentalists' not-so-hidden agenda.

Trust Non-Christian Men For A Date
Interestingly enough, there are no biblical formulations for "dating" as we know it in our western culture. Although I do not believe that exclusive dating commitment is necessary in order to be a faithful Christian, it seems wise to at least figure out how the person understands commitment and just how commited they are. This can become a launching place for how much you are willing to invest in the relationship, if at all.

I Get Bored With People
I tend to feel the same, basically since I started to study peoples behaviours and the society in general. It gets easy to predict behaviour patterns and hence when bored kicks in. When you met alot of people and once you get to know em you know how they will react to most of things.A unpredictable enviroment becomes boring,like a prison. Dont feel bad because some of the replies here saying you must be weird, depressed etc. Its about finding like minded unpredictable people:)

I Feel Lost And Useless
i want more out of life not physically but spiritually and i just useless and like i don t fit in or i the only like this.?

Divorce For Poor Performance
i have never been in married,so i dont know what to said

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