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My Mother's Altar
(Cont#3)The whistle and the clapping from young men behind me were so intense. I wonder if those were praises for God or praises for those dancing onstage, especially for the young ladies whose beautiful bodies, some skin from the hips, back and stomach were revealed because of the type of clothes worn!

Fruits Of This Website
I just want to inform you that I have been out from the church for 25 years. The postings I had last May 2005 brought some interaction that made me realize the "futile efforts" I had to keep myself on a solid grounds. I just want to thank CN Blogs for the opportunity of meeting my LORD again. And "FOR YOU" who saw me through the HARD TIMES, my heartfelt gratitude. May God Bless you!

My Mother's Altar
When I became an SDA, the altar of my mother had disappeared in my room, in my quarters but I had it whenever the church meet. When I left the SDA church I did not look for an altar nor for a church because I was too angry, hurt, pained to look for one! Now that I am looking for a church, I could not find any from the churches Ive been to.

The music and the dancing: these really disturb me! Last Sunday real dancing was made at the place where the pulpit was supposed to be!

Do You Have A Personal Helper
MP: I am from a third world country and there are lots of young ones needing help just to go to the university. I am one of those who were able to get a high school diploma and a university degree due to the scholarships given. But others are not as lucky as myself in relation to opportunities. In a way, I am employing student assistants so that I could help them get a university degree. If they won't go to school, then there is no reason for them to work with/for me.

Do You Have A Personal Helper
I am not rich but I have two personal helpers or student assistants. They cook my food, wash my clothes, attend to my garden, my dogs and do some errands for me. They are actually students in the University where I am working. They work for me to go to the University. In this set up, I took the responsibility of sending them to the University, the role that is supposed to be done by their parents.

Who Has A Household Pet
I have chinese spitz dogs: 14 year-old male named JEDI, an 8-year old female named CUTIE PIE, a 6-year old female named HONEY PIE, and a 3-year old female name Z-PIE. I have also two native dogs named IROGA and QUINCY.

My Wife Is Bipolar
Moderator: I think Allan meant "post-natal" depression. The "s" and "t" are quite close in the key board.

Pray For Iraq Bound Nephew
Danie, the fasting season of the Muslims will end two days from now. Please inform Steven to take extra precaution. According to the news circulating here in the Philippines the terrorist aligned with JI and ASG will heighten their attacks as soon as Ramadhan ends.

Getting New Orleans With Rita
HW, God is not striving with New Orleans! Rita is coming along on almost the same path with Katrina because facing the Gulf, hurricanes traveling inland must travel along that path! If you really are a hurricane watcher as you claim to be, have you seen hurricanes smashing on places other than the places facing the gulf? And if you are a "hurricane watcher", then you ought to understand the principles behind the formation of hurricanes!

Pray For Iraq Bound Nephew
I am living here in Southern Philippines where troubles are mostly due to the acts committed by the terrorists group, the Abbu Sayaff. Our own province is at peace at the moment because the Philippine Marines are with us! The civilians trust the Marines! I pray that the American Marines and your nephew would be safe as they provide "safety and peace" for the civilians in Iraq.

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Drew, your aunt have found bliss in marriage because she had married three times already! Marriage should be a happy union for her! I wish to congratulate your aunt!

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Steve, no one is holding you back if you decide to marry women at 20. Twenty five would be best, even, if she should decide to have children later. If you don't want to have children, marry women at 32 upwards, thus the risk of not having children would be higher, thus the possibility of you and your wife to have no child will be a bit greater. God bless to your plans!

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Okay, Steve, now you have stated what you NEED! Go for it! I hope you have already asked God to bless you and your search for a young wife! Must I say Good Luck? No, I will instead say, GOD BLESS YOU and your wife to be!

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